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A Comprehensive Guide to Champions Arena: Mobile RPG, Trading Cards, Gacha Mechanics, and NFTs

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Dive into Champions Arena, the mobile RPG by Gala Games and OneUniverse. Unleash the power of trading cards, gacha mechanics, and NFT.

Champions Arena is a mobile-first role-playing game (RPG) from Gala Games and OneUniverse, incorporating trading card games and gacha elements that too with optional NFTs. The game is available for iOS, Android, and Windows PC users. We conducted thorough research on this enticing game to come up with a comprehensive guide to playing this game and earning impressive awards. This blog will allow you to get started with the game and explore new areas.

How to Download

Champions Arena has a fairly standard installation process across platforms like iOS, Android, and PC. You must first sign in to your existing Gala Games account, or create a new one. It is not necessary to have a cryptocurrency wallet connected to make a Gala account or play the game. 

After signing up for a Gala account, PC players can access Champions Arena from the developer’s site. The game is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. Gamers will have to make sure that they’ve logged into their Gala account recently from the same device they’ll be using to play—otherwise, the login process won’t work. This means mobile users will have to log into their Gala accounts from a mobile web browser, like Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android.

How to Buy Gems in Champions Arena

Champions Arena “gems,” one of the game’s synthetic in-game currencies, can be purchased through the Gala Games website using either cryptocurrency or real-world dollars. In order to purchase gems with cryptocurrency, players on mobile devices and personal computers will need to go to a web browser outside of the game. 

To play Champions Arena, go to the Gala Games website and select the “Games” option. Players can spend Ethereum (ETH) or GALA tokens, among other cryptocurrencies, on a wide selection of gem packages. After September 2023, Gala will exclusively sell stones to crypto customers. However, in the mobile version of the game, players must use real-world dollars to acquire “summoning tickets” that produce new characters and “Soulstones” that upgrade existing ones.

How to Play Champions Arena

You can “earn” in-game currencies like “gold” and experience (XP) simply by logging into the game, as the game contains a large number of idle activities. The fundamental objective of Champions Arena is to accumulate a team of four playable characters, or Champions, and raise their levels as high as possible for usage in different group conflicts.

The gameplay features a four-on-four fight in which players take control of a team of four characters and use a deck of cards to plan and execute attacks, defenses, and magic spells. Additionally, there are three different colors, or “factions,” represented by the Champions and cards: yellow (Harmony), red (Destruction), and blue (Prosperity).

Champions Arena’s synthetic currencies

Players can use a wide variety of currencies, including both paid and unpaid gems, cash, Lapis, Mileage Points, Soulstones, a wide variety of Upgrade Stone rarities, XP points, Essence, and Condition Potions, to buy or unlock a wide variety of things and boosts in the game. These are not digital currencies in any way.

Champions Arena offers a variety of methods for players to acquire new heroes. Players can unlock the first four to eight playable characters for free rather quickly after installing the game and completing certain in-game accomplishments.

While a Champion will always be created with a premium summon, players can\t choose a Champion they receive. This is the basic random loot box (gacha) mechanic of the game. One Premium Summoning Ticket or 1,000 gems (about $10.66) is required to perform a Premium summon. Joining an “Estate,” Champions Arena’s equivalent of a guild, can reduce the price of a Premium summon by nearly half, to 550 gems for one or 5,500 gems for ten.

Level Up Champions

A Champion’s strength can be increased in two ways, both of which are quantified by their “level”: in numbers and in stars. In the Champions menu, you can pay a certain amount of gold to raise your character’s level by one. Star levels can be boosted by collecting a set number of Lapis and character-specific Soulstones.

The main character can gain experience by “dismantling” duplicate Champions to collect Soulstones. Despite the presence of “XP” in Champions Arena, the primary resources players will need to level up and improve the star level of their Champions are gold, Soulstones, and Lapis.

Players can upgrade equipment in Champions Arena using a mix of gold and Upgrade Stones in two different places: the Champions menu and the “Equipment” tab of the backpack icon inventory. To level up the gear you intend to keep, deconstruct the excess gear to obtain Upgrade Stones. Characters of a certain level can only utilize rarer equipment, which is more powerful, and vice versa.

Players in the Champions Arena do not have NFT status by default. Creating a non-fictional version of your persona might be somewhat expensive. Moreover, players can transform characters into NFTs for varying amounts of “Minting Scrolls,” with certain Champions requiring as few as two and others needing as many as eleven. To transform a player character into an NFT, you only need a Minting Scroll.

Final Word

Simply put, Champions Arena is a mobile role-playing game that caters to both casual and competitive players with its sufficient rewards, “farming” techniques, and a variety of game modes. Even while it’s possible to play without paying, getting new characters will take a lot longer. Characters in Champions Arena can be converted to NFTs for a fee, however doing so is completely voluntary.

A Comprehensive Guide to Champions Arena, a Mobile-first RPG Game with Optional NFTs
A Comprehensive Guide to Champions Arena, a Mobile-first RPG Game with Optional NFTs

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FAQ for Champions Arena Mobile RPG

How do I download Champions Arena on my device?

To download Champions Arena, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Gala Games account or create a new one if you don’t have an existing account.
  2. For PC: Access the game from the Gala Games website.
  3. For iOS: Download the game from the App Store.
  4. For Android: Download the game from the Google Play Store.
  5. Ensure you’ve recently logged into your Gala account on the device you’ll be using to play.

How can I purchase in-game gems in Champions Arena?

You can buy in-game gems as follows:

  1. Visit the Gala Games website.
  2. Browse the “Games” section to find gem packages.
  3. Pay with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) or GALA tokens for PC players.
  4. For mobile users, use real-world currency to acquire summoning tickets and Soulstones.

What is the main objective in Champions Arena?

The primary goal in Champions Arena is to build a team of four playable characters (Champions) and raise their levels for group battles. The game features four-on-four battles, utilizing a deck of cards for strategic combat.

What are the different factions in Champions Arena?

Champions and cards in Champions Arena are divided into three factions:

  1. Harmony (Yellow)
  2. Destruction (Red)
  3. Prosperity (Blue)

What are the synthetic currencies used in Champions Arena?

The game uses various currencies for different purposes, including:

  • Gold
  • Experience (XP)
  • Lapis
  • Mileage Points
  • Soulstones
  • Upgrade Stones
  • Essence
  • Condition Potions

These are in-game currencies and not digital cryptocurrencies.

How can I acquire new Champions in the game?

You can unlock initial Champions through in-game achievements, but additional Champions are obtained through premium summons. Each premium summon requires one Premium Summoning Ticket or 1,000 gems. Joining an Estate (guild) can reduce the summoning cost.

How do I level up my Champions in Champions Arena?

Champion strength is determined by their level and star level. You can increase their level by spending gold and enhance star levels by collecting Lapis and character-specific Soulstones. Dismantling duplicate Champions can also provide experience.

How can I upgrade equipment for my Champions?

To upgrade equipment, you need a combination of gold and Upgrade Stones. You can perform upgrades in the Champions menu and the Equipment tab of your inventory. Higher-level characters can use more powerful equipment.

How can I turn my Champions into NFTs in Champions Arena?

By default, players do not have NFT status. To transform your characters into NFTs, you’ll need “Minting Scrolls.” The number of scrolls required varies for each Champion, with some needing as few as two and others requiring up to eleven.

Is creating NFTs from my Champions mandatory?

No, creating NFTs from your Champions is entirely optional. Players can choose whether or not to transform their characters into NFTs in Champions Arena.

A Comprehensive Guide to Champions Arena: Mobile RPG, Trading Cards, Gacha Mechanics, and NFTs

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A Comprehensive Guide to Champions Arena: Mobile RPG, Trading Cards, Gacha Mechanics, and NFTs

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A Comprehensive Guide to Champions Arena: Mobile RPG, Trading Cards, Gacha Mechanics, and NFTs