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Arenum – Best Play To Earn Game 2024

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Arenum – Best Play To Earn Game 2024

Arenum is an engine for eSports, casual and crypto game tournaments. Play your favorite games and earn NFT rewards!

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Arenum – Best Play To Earn Game 2024

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WAGMI Games Announces the Appointment of Some Big Names for the Roles of Leadership

WAGMI Games is on a mission to revolutionize the world of Web3 entertainment, aiming to drive mass adoption of NFT games. Their strategic approach, combining cutting-edge technology, seasoned crypto professionals, and a community-oriented mindset, has garnered attention and anticipation in the industry. By integrating high-quality graphics, in-game economies, and active communities, WAGMI offers a distinctive and engaging crypto-gaming experience. Despite the colossal gaming industry having three billion players, Web3 games only capture a mere 3%, a gap WAGMI seeks to bridge.

Unlike other companies, WAGMI prioritizes accessibility by allowing players to purchase assets with regular fiat currency, which could introduce a new generation of users to NFTs. This innovative approach underscores the concept of player-owned assets, expanding the web3 gaming market. The company has made key appointments to its team, notably Esteban Gil and Brent Pease, who bring extensive experience from successful gaming titles. Esteban Gil, renowned for his leadership in games like Garena Free Fire, now shapes WAGMI’s business strategy, driven by his belief in web3 and NFT potential. Brent Pease, with a rich background in gaming and company building, takes on pivotal roles to bolster WAGMI’s growth.

WAGMI Games is committed to overcoming obstacles hindering web3 gaming’s growth. By simplifying onboarding processes and enabling asset purchases with fiat currency, the company aims to make web3 gaming accessible to a broader audience. Their first project, “WAGMI Defence,” exemplifies this approach with a fast-paced game loop and player-owned assets. With platforms like GamestopNFT facilitating asset trading, WAGMI embraces the decentralized ethos of the web3 ecosystem.

The inclusion of AAA talents like Esteban Gil and Brent Pease reaffirms WAGMI’s mission and potential, as expressed by CEO Ian Bentley. The company aims not only to realize its vision but also to be part of the historic evolution of the gaming space.

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