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Aurory Blockchain World Expands to Ethereum Layer-2 Arbitrum

Aurory Blockchain World Expands to Ethereum Layer-2 Arbitrum

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Aurory, the game franchise on Solana blockchain introduces cross-chain support for Aurory NFTs with Ethereum network, Arbitrum

Aurory, an NFT-driven game series that thinks ahead, has been making waves in the gaming world lately. Built on the Solana blockchain, Aurory has gained attention for its unique approach to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and game dynamics. In a recent move, Aurory said it would expand beyond the Solana ecosystem. It did this by adding cross-chain support for Aurory NFTs and native token, AURY, with the Ethereum scaling network, Arbitrum. This article goes into detail about Aurory’s history, how it works with big names in the industry, and its plans for the future as it looks into more blockchain ecosystems.

The best thing about Aurory is the unique way it lets you play NFT games. In Aurory, there are two kinds of NFTs: Aurorians, which are playable characters, and Nefties, which are animals similar to the popular Pokémon. All of these non-fungible tokens, as well as character skins and Neftie eggs, are on-chain NFTs that are recorded permanently on the Solana blockchain. Also, the in-game transactions are powered by the game’s native token, AURY. This makes for a cohesive and immersive gaming ecosystem.

In 2021, when Aurory worked with e-sports giant TSM (Team SoloMid) and the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX, the news spread quickly. The partnership led to the creation of limited edition NFTs with TSM’s well-known logo and FTX’s strong reputation in the cryptocurrency world. This partnership showed how Aurory could use its NFT platform to take advantage of unique promotional opportunities and reach a larger audience.

Expanding Horizons: Aurory’s Journey to Arbitrum

The gaming franchise has taken a big step forward with Aurory’s recent announcement that it will expand beyond Solana blockchain. Cross-chain support for Aurory NFTs and the AURY token will be added to Arbitrum scaling network for Ethereum. Through Aurory’s SyncSpace technology, users will be able to move their assets between Solana and Arbitrum thanks to this change.

The reason for this expansion is not migration, but rather to give Aurory community more options and open new doors. With Arbitrum’s ability to work with Ethereum, Aurory hopes to attract users who are already familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem. However, it is difficult to use Solana-specific wallets. The ability to sign in with an email address and connect a crypto wallet later makes it easier for users. They can smoothly start their journey because of the simple process.

Embracing Other Blockchain Ecosystems

Michael Natoli, who is in charge of marketing and business development at Aurory, says that the goal of the expansion is not just to let users move assets between chains, but also to find new ways for the community to grow. The plan is to connect to other Web3 ecosystems that are doing well and use their liquidity. By connecting to multiple blockchain networks, Aurory can reach new markets. Aurory can interact with different groups of people, and create a gaming environment that is open to everyone.

Even though moving assets between chains might not seem like a good idea right now. However, the future implications of being able to use more than one blockchain are exciting. Non-playable characters (NPCs), who are not controlled by the player, could be used to create unique in-game experiences. Players could meet NPCs who are connected to certain blockchains, like Solana or Arbitrum. They offer quests or items that are specific to that blockchain. This would make people more likely to explore across chains, giving the game more depth and immersion.

Aurory’s Current and Future Games

Aurory is currently working on two games that appeal to different types of gamers. One is Aurory Adventures is a player-versus-environment (PvE) role-playing game (RPG). This game lets players immerse themselves in a magical world full of quests and challenges. Aurory Tactics, on the other hand, has a player-versus-player (PvP) battle arena. Players can compete against each other and show off their strategic skills.

Aurory’s first step outside of the Solana ecosystem was the move to Arbitrum, but it won’t be the last. Jonathan Campeau, who is the Executive Producer of Aurory, says that the franchise might be interested in Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain (BNB) in the future. This smart move shows that Aurory is even more dedicated to growth, innovation, and bringing together different blockchain communities.

In the NFT-based gaming world, Aurory’s journey has been nothing short of revolutionary. Aurory shows how blockchain technology has a lot of uses in the gaming world through its unique NFT offerings, its partnerships with big names in the industry, and its recent expansion to Arbitrum. With plans to join other blockchain ecosystems in the future, Aurory continues to lead the way in the development of NFT gaming, promising players and fans alike exciting new experiences and chances. As Aurory breaks down barriers and explores new areas, the future of NFT gaming is looking better than ever.

Aurory, the game franchise on Solana blockchain introduces cross-chain support for Aurory NFTs with Ethereum network, Arbitrum
Aurory Blockchain World Expands to Ethereum Layer-2 Arbitrum 2

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Aurory Blockchain World Expands to Ethereum Layer-2 Arbitrum

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Aurory Blockchain World Expands to Ethereum Layer-2 Arbitrum

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