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Bandai Namco Collaborates with Oasys on AI-Powered NFT Game RYUZO

Bandai Namco Collaborates with Oasys on AI-Powered NFT Game RYUZO

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Bandai Namco has partnered with Oasys, a blockchain network focused on video games, and the Japanese firm Attructure for RYUZO AI-based game

Gaming juggernaut Bandai Namco, known for classics like Pac-Man and Tekken, has released an AI–driven virtual pet game on the blockchain. Bandai Namco Research has partnered with Oasys, a blockchain network focused on video games, and the Japanese firm Attructure. They have collaborated for an innovative game called RYUZO, which has a cast of RYU, a type of digital creature based on NFT.

Moreover, as the user engages with the RYU creatures, they get access to new skills and receive unique items. Players can watch their pets learn and grow as they feed and race them, all thanks to AI. Within the game, users can raise multiple generations of pets.

Oasys Airdropped 10000 MARYU Digital NFT Eggs

Before the official release, 10000 MARYU digital NFT eggs were airdropped to owners of Oasys’ NFTs in the project. The gaming community was filled with joy and excitement. The game’s development period will last a whole year, giving gamers access to a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

RYUZO, NFT-driven Game on Oasys

The inspiration for RYUZO came from the NFT digital creatures of RYU. The RYU apparently converts them into soulbound NFTs, giving its holders a stake in the game in exchange for their services to the community. Soulbound tokens can only be used in their original wallet and cannot be sold or transferred to another person. Like Bandai Namco’s iconic Tamagotchi virtual pet game, the RYU can grow a personality and learn new tricks as its owner interacts with it. Creatures use artificial intelligence to learn new skills that improve the overall experience.

Oasys Network is among the leading blockchain platforms that prioritizes gameplay and immersive experience. Sega, Square Enix, and Ubisoft, among others, have joined Bandai Namco as node operators in the company’s validator network.

Ubisoft has announced that Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is the next blockchain game they are developing. Sega said it will keep licensing its less popular gaming intellectual property (IP) to outside developers. It is reviewing its approach to blockchain gaming,

Bandai Namco Plans to Achieve Milestones in Web3

Bandai Namco has been increasing its presence in web3 and the metaverse. The studio has spent $130 million on a metaverse experience based on the successful “Gundam” anime series last year. Oasys has also announced surprising partnerships with “notable game projects” to support the further rollout of NFT. The first is a collaboration with Double Jump Tokyo’s Brave Frontier Heroes, a blockchain-based action RPG.

In 2005, classic game developer Namco partnered with toy and entertainment company Bandai to create one of the most well-known traditional gaming publishers: Bandai Namco. The publisher is responsible for such classic series as Pac-Man, Soulcalibur, and Tekken. They also launched the successful action role-playing game Elden Ring last year. 

Bandai Namco Research, created by Hajime Nakatani, a former game director and studio supervisor who collaborated on a wide variety of video games for the publisher, collaborated in the development of RYUZO. Nakatani is giving directions for this Oasys NFT project to deliver a thrilling experience.

It’s not just Bandai Namco who’s working on games for Oasys. Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, a strategic role-playing game developed by Ubisoft, is the company’s next cryptocurrency game. Yu Suzuki, developer of the Virtua Fighter series and a Sega franchise in his own right, was brought in to help with the first series of Oasys NFTs released earlier this year.

Bandai Namco Launched First Project in March 2022

World of Den-On-Bu is the first and most innovative project by Bandai Namco involving non-fungible tokens (NFT), which is leaidng the charge since March 2022. This platform enables users to buy tokens based on a series of Japanese dance music video games with the same name.

Additionally, Bandai Namco announced their intentions to create a metaverse adventure based on the popular “Gundam” anime series last year. According to reports from Nikkei Asia, Bandai Namco will spend more than 130 million dollars on the massive project to grab the market. According to the recent reports, project will go live in the month of October.

Wrapping Up

The gaming industry as a whole is predicting an increasing demand in adopting Web3 technology, which is observed by Bandai Namco’s participation in the blockchain gaming space. This simplifies the growing trend of notable game publishers like Ubisoft experimenting with blockchain gaming. In addition to that, it demonstrates the enormous potential that this cutting-edge gaming scene possesses.

Summary: Bandai Namco Collaborates with Oasys on AI-Powered NFT Game RYUZO

Dive into AI-powered NFT gaming as Bandai Namco joins forces with Oasys for the innovative RYUZO game. Explore and evolve digital creatures.

For RYUZO, an AI-based game featuring digital creatures called RYU, Bandai Namco collaborates with blockchain network Oasys and Attructure. Players train and race their RYU pets, which use artificial intelligence to learn and evolve. Oasys airdropped 10,000 MARYU NFT eggs to NFT owners. RYU creatures are transformed into soulbound NFTs, providing holders with game stakes. Bandai Namco increases its web3 and metaverse presence, while Oasys collaborates with other game projects. Web3 technology is being embraced by the gaming industry, as evidenced by Bandai Namco’s involvement and Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles. This indicates the potential of blockchain gaming in the future.

Bandai Namco has partnered with Oasys, a blockchain network focused on video games, and the Japanese firm Attructure for RYUZO AI-based game
Bandai Namco Collaborates with Oasys on AI-Powered NFT Game RYUZO 2

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Bandai Namco Collaborates with Oasys on AI-Powered NFT Game RYUZO

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Bandai Namco Collaborates with Oasys on AI-Powered NFT Game RYUZO

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