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Barry Sonnenfeld’s Orange Comet’s Dinosaurs vs. Aliens enters Web3 Gaming

Barry Sonnenfeld’s Orange Comet’s Dinosaurs vs. Aliens enters Web3 Gaming

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Filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld Ventures into Web3 Gaming with Orange Comet’s Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

Web3 gaming industry is about to get one of its most killer games in recent times. Orange Comet further expands and enters into a new partnership. It aims to bring comic book characters into a cinematic, immersive, and visually stunning experience in a web3-enabled video game. We are talking about Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dinosaurs vs. Aliens. The idea is to bring the comic book to life for the new generation for them to connect in an immersive way. The web3 game will offer dinosaurs and aliens engaging in a secret war. The developers behind are already rolling out top-notch web3 games on Sui like Final Stardust, Degens & Dragons, and The Walking Dead. Their ambitious plans in the world of NFTs are successful so far with $15 million in transactions. So, we can expect that this game will go big.

The Origins of Dinosaurs vs Aliens

The origins go back to Sonnenfeld’s childhood when he used to play with alien and dinosaur toys. Moving forward, it all started eleven years ago when renowned filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld transformed his vision into a captivating graphic novel, collaborating with Sharad Devarajan, the cofounder of Liquid Comics. Teaming up with acclaimed comic creator Grant Morrison, they produced a graphic novel that struck a chord with audiences everywhere.

Initially, the goal was to bring this extraordinary tale to the big screen, but unfortunately, it encountered a hurdle in the form of licensing complications. However, in light of the tremendous surge in gaming popularity during the global pandemic, a brilliant solution emerged: transform the story into an immersive video game experience.

Envisioning the game’s potential, Sonnenfeld expressed his excitement, “I truly believe this game will be a marvel, allowing players to choose whether to align themselves with the aliens or the dinosaurs. In my view, Dinosaurs versus Aliens represents the real account of what unfolded 65 million years ago.”

With this development, the journey of this captivating story continues to evolve, captivating fans in a whole new way. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling gaming adventure that promises to reshape our perception of prehistoric conflicts.

Dinosaurs vs Aliens Web3 Game

The game has its cinematic trailer out and the community is in awe. The game’s story depicts a secret world war battle that is not in the history books. An internal team at Orange Comet is in early development on the game and production is starting soon, said Dave Broome, CEO of Orange Comet, in an interview with GamesBeat.

Players can play as both dinosaurs and aliens, depending on their likeness. So, you need to pick a side. Additionally, in the immersive world of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, players will be able to level up and equip their dinosaurs and aliens with graphically intense digital assets, unseen in the world of Web3 and NFT gaming. First and foremost, the focus is on fun gameplay, savage dinosaurs, relentless aliens, and vivid virtual environments.

The game will have Sonnenfeld’s cinematic touch, and it will let players experience an epic battle of World War Zero, Broome said.

“First and foremost, this has to be a killer game,” Broome said. “That’s got to be it from the jump ball, and that’s what we’re doing.”

So far, Web3 games haven’t been fun, he said.

Why Web3 for the Dinosaurs vs Aliens game?

Orange Comet and its efforts in the web3 gaming industry are making rounds. Besides Final Stardust, Degens & Dragons, and The Walking Dead, the gaming studio will work on Dinosaurs vs Aliens. Orange Comet is venturing into the world of blockchain-powered gaming with its upcoming project, Dinosaurs vs. Aliens. They aim to create a bespoke gaming experience that incorporates cutting-edge technology and takes players on an extraordinary journey. While traditional PC and console gaming is more accessible, Orange Comet is exploring the potential of blockchain technology to enhance gameplay and deliver a unique experience. They have innovative concepts in store, making this game unlike anything seen before in the industry.

Promising Partnership between Orange Comet and Barry Sonnenfeld

Barry Sonnenfeld, known for his work as executive producer and showrunner on Netflix’s critically acclaimed series A Series of Unfortunate Events, has an impressive track record. He recently directed the first season of Schmigadoon and even published his memoir, titled Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother, Memoirs of a Neurotic Filmmaker, which was well-received.

Orange Comet has made waves in the NFT gaming space, generating nearly $15 million in transactions for The Walking Dead game assets. CEO Broome expressed excitement about engaging fans early and building momentum for their projects.

While NFTs and Web3 games may currently face challenges due to the economic downturn and decreased enthusiasm, Broome remains optimistic that distractions will fade, allowing high-quality projects to shine through.

The company is considering a hybrid approach, developing both Web2 and Web3 games. Collaborating with blockchain game platform Mysten Labs, they are utilizing the Sui blockchain, known for its frictionless commerce platform. This means that fans should have the option to access Dinosaurs vs. Aliens through credit card purchases, ensuring accessibility for all.

Barry Sonnenfeld's Orange Comet's Dinosaurs vs. Aliens enters Web3 Gaming
Barry Sonnenfeld’s Orange Comet’s Dinosaurs vs. Aliens enters Web3 Gaming

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Barry Sonnenfeld’s Orange Comet’s Dinosaurs vs. Aliens enters Web3 Gaming

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Barry Sonnenfeld’s Orange Comet’s Dinosaurs vs. Aliens enters Web3 Gaming

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