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Battle Derby- Best Play To Earn Game

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Battle Derby is a new mobile game focused on player fun. Where players will have to choose their car and customize it to defeat their opponents in different game modes using Dash, weapons and boosters

Navigate the map in search of loot boxes that will give you weapons, ammo or health kits. Get ready to face your enemies, the last one alive wins.

Get ready for an adrenaline-filled battle. The one who defeats the most enemies wins, get 7 defeats before the time limit.

In Battle Derby you will find cars of different categories: common, rare, epic, legendary and unique. These will be obtained through progression or purchase.

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Battle Derby- Best Play To Earn Game

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Gala Games’ Web3 Game Champions Arena Goes Live

Champions Arena: A Web3 RPG Card Battler with NFT Integration Now Available on App Stores.

Gala Games, a prominent developer and publisher in the Web3 gaming sphere, has launched its highly anticipated mobile game, Champions Arena. This turn-based RPG card battler, which has transitioned from its beta phase to full release, offers players an engaging experience featuring NFTs. Available on Android, iOS, and PC through the Gala Games launcher, Champions Arena is accessible to all players, leveraging the GYRI blockchain for its mechanics.

Key Features and Gameplay:

Champions Arena boasts impressive graphics and a diverse array of finely crafted characters, enhancing the competitive and captivating nature of battles. Players who participated in the game’s alpha phase will find gratifying in-game rewards upon completing the introductory tutorial. One of the standout features is the auto-battle system, unlocked after conquering the first five challenges in the campaign. This streamlines gameplay, sparing players from repeatedly navigating initial campaign levels.

NFT Integration and Benefits:

The live version of Champions Arena introduces NFTs as a central component. The game’s “Champion Boxes,” containing randomized NFT champions, gained significant popularity during a limited-time sale. Though these boxes have sold out, players can still explore secondary markets to acquire champions and other desirable items. Importantly, the game remains accessible to non-NFT collectors, emphasizing inclusivity and community engagement.

Owning NFT champions grants players a modest advantage in the game, particularly within the Arena, where points determine leaderboard positions. For those without NFTs, Gala Games is developing a rental system set to launch later in the year, offering a workaround for participation. Additionally, the game introduces “Scrolls of Minting,” enabling regular champions to be transformed into full-fledged NFTs through a $50 purchase or victorious performances in the Arena.

Game Mechanics and Strategy:

Champions Arena revolves around strategic decision-making and exhilarating combat. Players assemble teams of up to four champions to engage in turn-based battles against opponents. Crafting a tactical card strategy and making thoughtful champion selections are essential for success. Skill cards, obtained at the start of battles, serve as primary tools, with extra cards awarded during turns. Combining duplicate cards enhances their potency.

Beyond its combat mechanics, Champions Arena offers an expansive world of amusement. Daily, weekly, and seasonal quests, a battle pass with consistent rewards, passive missions, equipment enhancement, champion summoning and destruction, a competitive PvP arena, and various other diversions ensure a well-rounded and engrossing experience for players.

In conclusion, Champions Arena encapsulates the essence of a captivating Web3 RPG card battler, merging strategic gameplay with the integration of NFTs. Gala Games’ innovative title invites players to delve into a multifaceted realm of battles, quests, and camaraderie, all accessible via mobile app stores and the Gala Games launcher.

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Battle Derby- Best Play To Earn Game

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Battle Derby- Best Play To Earn Game