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Be a Bad Bunny Boss in My Pet Hooligan

Be a Bad Bunny Boss in My Pet Hooligan

Game Review 

My Pet Hooligan is an exciting NFT battle royale game developed by AMGI Studios, all set to compete against notable games including Fortnite.

Hop on to the hype train as we bring you one of the most exciting web3 games around. My Pet Hooligan is one of a kind battle royale game that brings back the fun element in NFT games. In this game, you play as a bad bunny and wreak havoc all around the town. You can teleport, and jump from the ground all the way to the rooftop. You can skateboard, hunt down other bunnies, use baseball as a melee attack, or blast brains by using a shotgun. The graphics and artworks are awesome and give a looney-tune vibe. Although there are several NFT and crypto-powered games in development; unfortunately, many of them lack the excitement, and competitiveness needed to stand out. Based on user experience playing the current alpha test, My Pet Hooligan (MPH) is one of the few games that have a chance against heavy hitters.

AMGI Studios is making remarkable strides in the gaming industry with its inaugural shooter, MPH. The thrilling game is taking the industry by storm despite having a limited network and a small development team. The game portrays a witty narrative that isn’t complicated. Imagine a scene where a spirited race of bipedal rabbits finds themselves being oppressed by an evil overlord known as MetaZuckBot. It may sound horrible, but that’s the intriguing scenario we’ll explore.

Rabbits vs Robots

There is an upsurge in Hooliland for the early access version of the My Pet Hooligan universe on Epic Games Store. Guns and ammo are dispersed over the vividly colored, as biohazardous green sludge oozes from a structure. The game features hilarious jokes and Easter eggs thanks to its street art and mind-boggling rabbit sculptures.

Fast-paced Fun

When the matches begin, some matches seem very stunning in the marketing pictures but fall short in real-time. My Pet Hooligan portrays the opposite effect—even at this early stage. The game follows AAA quality thanks to its character movement, animations, and weapon usage.

Battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends are so lucrative due to their distinctive and interesting approaches. Moreover, My Pet Hooligan follows their footprint to target gamers. In the early access version of MPH, we hunted down a few genuine players throughout the area while taking down evil ZuckBots in the park. The market for multiplayer shooters is expanding, and high-profile AAA games with high budgets like Overwatch, Valorant, Call of Duty, Fortnite and Apex Legends continue to rule the Twitch charts.

Exciting Gameplay

MPH is a combination of Player versus environment (PVE) and player versus player (PVP) gameplay. The ZuckBots were rather simple to kill, despite the fact they could be really difficult to handle.

If there were a lot of other players on the map, we can see how ZuckBots will make it challenging. Like, when you’re attempting to hide around a corner to reload, the bots inform the opponent about your actual location. ZuckBots attacked us when we were in the middle of a 1v1 match with another player.

Being a proficient player with vast experience in both Apex Legends and Overwatch, we must admit that the gunplay in My Pet Hooligan is extremely rewarding. Moreover, we discovered the preferred loadout comprising a water pistol, a fully automated machine gun, and a plunger sniper rifle. While engaging in battles, we experience the buzz of hunting down and eliminating fellow Hooligan bunnies. We had a great time playing this battle royale game with powerful weapons against a small group of players.

My Pet Hooligan is All Set to Face Competitors

This game advances quickly. Skateboards allow you to move quickly around the map, while bunnies are fast runners. Fans of games with less movement, such as Valorant, may feel uncomfortable, but players of fast-paced shooters will dominate.

It’s a simple game to learn, but you might find it difficult if your aim and mobility are weak. However, compared to other games, it is simpler to headshot other players because of the bunny head hitboxes.

Chainsaws, brass knuckles, samurai swords, flame throwers, and firearms are just a few of the weaponry that MPH provides. At the time of official release, it will be fascinating to watch which melee weapons become the “meta” or the prevailing competitive strategy after having fun testing out the animations and effects of various melee weapons.

NFTs in My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan is a free-to-play game that doesn’t need crypto or NFTs. However, players may purchase a special Ethereum NFT with a rabbit character to use as their avatar.

The synthetic carrots, or S-KARROTS, which AMGI Studios claims will eventually turn into its ERC-20 token KARROTS, may also be leveraged for these Hooligan NFTs. In addition to the Hooligan rabbit NFTs, AMGI Studios has now made available ZuckBot NFTs. Hooligan holders may claim these NFTs which will provide holders access to exciting game content.

Without a hefty marketing budget and a strong community, many multiplayer games might have difficulties bringing in sufficient players to fill lobby. But My Pet Hooligan stands out as one of the select few games that have the potential to make a significant impact on the gaming industry as long as AMGI Studios keeps releasing new materials to further develop its vibrant universe.

My Pet Hooligan is an exciting NFT battle royale game developed by AMGI Studios, all set to compete notable players including Fortnite.
Be a Bad Bunny Boss in My Pet Hooligan 2

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Be a Bad Bunny Boss in My Pet Hooligan

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Be a Bad Bunny Boss in My Pet Hooligan

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