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Blankos Block Party PC Version Shutdown Starts New Mythical Games Era

Blankos Block Party PC Version Shutdown Starts New Mythical Games Era

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In an unexpected move, Mythical Games has announced that the PC version of its popular MMO, Blankos Block Party, will be discontinued on December 18, 2023. This unexpected decision paves the way for the game’s transition to the mobile platform, leaving players and the gaming community eagerly awaiting the new Blankos Mobile experience. Let’s get into the specifics of this significant development and what it means for the Blankos community.

The End of an Era: PC Version Shutdown

Mythical Games, the pioneering developer in the web3 gaming industry, has made the strategic decision to shut down the PC version of Blankos Block Party. This marks the culmination of an era that played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of blockchain-based gaming. The announcement has triggered a wave of emotions on social media, with players expressing their sentiments for the cherished PC version.

The Unexpected Move

Despite the unexpected nature of the decision, Mythical Games had hinted at the shift towards a mobile-centric focus, emphasizing that the true representation of Blankos Block Party lies in its mobile version.

Blankos Marketplace Extension and Migration

As a parting gift, Blankos Marketplace, the hub for Blankos’ non-fungible tokens (NFTs), will remain accessible until January 31, 2024. This extension allows players to continue accessing and trading their NFTs before the final shutdown. The seamless migration of all NFTs to the new mythical blockchain ensures a smooth transition, preserving the assets and investments made by the community.

Community Reaction

The news of the PC version shutdown has sparked sadness among players, especially those who invested time and money in acquiring Blankos skins and collectibles. Social media platforms, particularly Twitter, have been flooded with expressions of nostalgia and disappointment.

What Lies Ahead: Blankos Mobile and Mythical Blockchain

The decision to migrate all assets to the new mythical blockchain opens up exciting possibilities for Blankos enthusiasts. While bidding farewell to the PC version is bittersweet, the mobile platform emerges as the torchbearer, promising an evolution in the Blankos Block Party saga. The transition not only ensures the preservation of existing NFTs but also sets the stage for potential innovations and advancements in the Blankos ecosystem.

Community Expectations

Players are eagerly anticipating updates on Blankos Block Party’s journey into the mythical blockchain and the new adventures that await its dedicated player base.

Impact on NFTs and Web3 Gaming

The move to shut down the PC version raises questions about the utility of NFTs in online games, particularly when a game ceases to exist. While players still “own” their tokens, the usage of these assets becomes uncertain, affecting their overall value. This development is a significant disruption in the premise that Web3 is the ultimate solution for asset ownership post-game shutdowns.

Market Impact

Players who invested in limited-edition Blankos, expecting their value to appreciate, now face a market downturn, with assets being resold at lower prices on the Mythical Marketplace.

Mythical Games’ Shift to Mobile Gaming

Mythical Games’ decision to focus on the mobile market stems from the success of its NFL Rivals platform. The company aims to replicate this success by re-purposing Blankos Block Party for mobile gaming, targeting the mass-market audience. The game will be rebuilt from the ground up, incorporating lessons learned from the original title, and will include cross-play features for PC users.

Blankos Closure Details

Blankos Block Party is set to close on December 18, 2023, with the Blankos Marketplace remaining open until January 31, 2024. The closure and migration plan ensure a smooth transition for players and their NFTs to the new Mythical Marketplace.

Conclusion: The Beginning of a New Chapter

As Blankos Block Party bids farewell to its PC version, Mythical Games eagerly anticipates the launch of Blankos Mobile, promising fresh opportunities and experiences. The closure marks a poignant reminder of the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, where new beginnings often emerge from the end of cherished chapters. The Blankos community is encouraged to cherish the friendships formed in Block Party, as these moments will continue to live on throughout the game’s legacy.

Blankos Block Party PC Version Shutdown Starts New Mythical Games Era
Blankos Block Party PC Version Shutdown Starts New Mythical Games Era

Stay tuned for further updates on Blankos Block Party’s journey into the mythical blockchain and the exciting developments that await in Blankos Mobile. Share your thoughts and memories of Blankos Block Party on social media using

Blankos Block Party PC Version Shutdown Starts New Mythical Games Era

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DEFY doesn’t stop at “play-to-earn” but introduces “move-to-earn” and “learn-to-earn” elements. Players engage in physical activity as they play, promoting better health, and also learn the fundamentals of coding in an enjoyable and rewarding manner.

In terms of in-game currency, DEFY employs a dual-token system. FCOIN is the in-game currency that players can earn by participating in various activities within the game. It is used to purchase and enhance NFT assets, creating a rewarding cycle within the game. Premium mask holders can transfer FCOIN to Kha0s’ bank account, where they will receive DEFY tokens based on their contributions of FCOIN. The more FCOIN they contribute, the more DEFY tokens they receive.

In summary, DEFY is an innovative mobile game that combines virtual and real-world elements, promoting physical activity and coding skills while offering a unique play-to-earn experience within a dystopian narrative where players battle against a controlling organization.

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Blankos Block Party PC Version Shutdown Starts New Mythical Games Era

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