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Blankos Block Party: the game of 2024?

Blankos Block Party: the game of 2024?

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In our today’s news, we are taking a closer look at one of the most popular and fan-favorite blockchain games, Blankos Block Party from Mythical Games. The offers so much to its users, a lot is happening in the game, and is replete with fun. Although the game is new, it has a great fan following, gameplay, and earning potential. The game is free to play, easy to play, and offers a fantastic fun time with family and friends. Let’s dig into it and see how this game fares up with others in the blockchain gaming metaverse.

Blankos Block Party made it to the scene in December 2020 and its popularity is soaring ever since. The success lies in the team behind the game in Mythical Games. The Mythical Games team members have an extensive experience in the video gaming industry working with some of the biggest names. Some of the members worked on popular games like Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and World of Warcraft.

The game has a lot to offer, players can create, play, and socialize in the game. The game focuses a lot on the fun and entertainment part rather than tokenomics or Defi. Blankos Block Party will pit you and your friends against other players where everyone is on their own. The game has a lot of fun and engaging mini-games. Moreover, players can try out their creativity and interesting ideas in the game as it allows players to build games, designs, and more. After the building process, players can try out their creations with friends and family.

How Does Blankos Block Party Work?

The game is distinctly different from other crypto games as it does not have any tokens. This means that you will not earn cryptocurrencies by playing this game, unlike Axie Infinity. Blankos Block Party gives opportunities to its players by providing flippable digital assets in the shape of NFTs. Players can buy each Blanko character in the game and later trade them in the game’s marketplace. These characters are limited in numbers and are made by the world’s top artists and designers like Burberry, Deadmau5, Pete Flower, Junko Mizuno, and more.

Game Modes

Blankos Block Party - Mythical marketplace - Mythical Games
Mythical marketplaceMythical Games

The game is free to play, so you can begin playing via default character. The game has different modes; the build mode is where players can try out their creativity and build designs and whatnot. It provides an open canvas with a lot of room where players can run their imaginations wild.

Another mode is the party mode which includes vibe collection, racing, shooting, and other fun games. This mode lets you party with your family and friends and other online community members. The more you win, complete activities, daily and weekly challenges, and seasonal tasks, the more in-game currency you make. The more you make the more you are eligible to earn NFTs which are tradable in the Mythical Games marketplace.

Blankos Block Party Interface

Blankos Block Party - Mythical marketplace - Mythical Games
Mythical marketplaceMythical Games

The interface of the game is super fun, friendly, easy, and enjoyable. The players get an overwhelming vibe of the massively popular Fall Guys. Moreover, the game serves as eye candy with its colorful and aesthetically pleasing graphics. The moment you start playing the game, party music plays and gives all the happy and fun vibes. The characters, Blankos, are super cute and gorgeous with a lot of emphasis on tiny details. Take, for example, the Pug, an angry little pug blanko that has a lot of details visible and written on it which tells you about the character and its past.

The in-game Currency and NFTs

As we know, Blankos Block Party operates differently, the players can gain rewards such as Moolas, Blankos Bucks, and NFT items. Blankos Bucks is the one you should target more as these are the only ones that can buy you game NFTs. As far as Moola, it helps you buy emotes and other in-game items that are not NFTs. So, for NFTs, a Blanko character is an NFT, the more you play with it and customize it the rarer it becomes and hence, precious. Moreover, the developers also release limited edition Blankos NFTs which are already rare and limited. Besides, you can level up them and increase their prices. NFTs that have celebrity designers behind them are extremely rare and precious, imagine getting your hand on one of those NFTs.

Unboxing Blankos

Blankos NFTs - Mythical marketplace
Blankos NFTsMythical marketplace – Blockchain Games

Be careful here! Players receive an NFT Blanko in a box, and the catch here is that if you unbox an NFT character, its value will decrease. So, think twice before unboxing your Blanko as this move is irreversible and permanent. Each Blanko is unique, you can upgrade your Blanko by utilizing Moola, XP chips, and gumballs.

Finally, the developers are working tirelessly on the game and constantly introducing new airdrops, rewards, and giveaways. Most recently, the game has its Season 1 launch. Check out our next blog on Blankos Block Party Season 1. These top play-to-earn blockchain games might interest you.

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Blankos Block Party: the game of 2024?

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Blankos Block Party: the game of 2024?

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