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Bright Star Studios Announces Land Sale NFTs for Ember Sword

Bright Star Studios Announces Land Sale NFTs for Ember Sword

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Ember Sword, the web3 MMORPG, gears up for another alpha land sale, Bright Star Studios is hopeful that this will raise massive capital

Ember Sword web3 MMORPG announces its alpha land sale. The previous Ember Sword land sale was a massive success, and Bright Star Studios hopes that this will raise capital. In the previous land sale, a Denmark-based gaming studio had a blockbuster sale where they amassed $701,000. The total number of buyers was 4000 in May 2021. The response was phenomenal as the land sale wrapped up in less than six hours. There were several gamers at that time who were left without any land. They later pledged to purchase from future land sales.

Ember Sword is one of the most promising web3 MMORPGs out there. The developers are keenly updating the in-game content and putting in efforts to make the game all the more fun. Their previous alpha gameplay had a solid response from the community and gamers were happy with the gameplay. Only a handful of web3 gaming studios do NFT land sales and balance it with new in-game content.

Ember Sword Land Sale

Bright Star Studios, the creator of Ember Sword, have announced special sale of limited land in virtual world of Thanabus. The sale will happen in two phases to accommodate eager players. The first phase, which runs from July 10 to July 30, will require interested buyers to submit an application. Following this, an open sale will commence on July 31.

Mark Laursen, the founder, and CEO of Bright Star Studios, expressed his enthusiasm for the sale. He stated that the proceeds will contribute to the development of Ember Sword. This presents a unique opportunity for players to become landowners within the game. Once purchased, these plots can be personalized with buildings, resources, non-player characters (NPCs), and quests. Moreover, landowners can earn rewards from fellow players who visit, trade and utilize their land.

Ember Sword Building on Previous Success

Bright Star Studios has achieved a remarkable milestone with investor funding reaching an impressive $7.1 million. Furthermore, the sales of land in Ember Sword have exceeded an impressive $11 million, excluding the alpha land sale.

The surge in demand for land within the game reflects players’ growing desire for enhanced control over their in-game items, particularly during the NFT speculation boom of 2021.

Excitingly, Bright Star Studios has announced an alpha land sale that presents a unique opportunity for players to own a piece of the game’s history and shape its future. Additionally, the land offers various gameplay opportunities and challenges and signifies a significant milestone in the game’s development.

Long-Term Commitment Required for Land NFTs

Mark Laursen, the CEO of Bright Star Studios, emphasized that the company will carefully review applications from fans who demonstrate a long-term commitment to the Land NFTs. The focus is on individuals who view land ownership as an integral part of their gaming experience, rather than those aiming to quickly sell it for profit.

With the alpha land sale, players have a chance to become an integral part of Ember Sword’s vibrant community and leave their mark on its virtual world.

Mark Laursen, the CEO of Bright Star Studios, expressed his enthusiasm. He stated, “We are thrilled to announce our second land sale for Ember Sword. It will bring us one step closer to launching the game to our community.”

The team at Bright Star Studios has been diligently working to craft a gaming experience that seamlessly blends fun and immersion for players, all while granting them the freedom and ownership made possible by their innovative technology. Laursen further added, “We have been working hard to create a game that offers a fun and immersive experience for players while also giving them the freedom and ownership that our technology enables.”

Bright Star Studios Plans to Reveal Player Dungeon

With their upcoming land sale, Bright Star Studios aims to allocate the land to committed landowners. They will actively cultivate it within the vibrant Ember Sword community. Each distinct region within the game boasts its own unique climate, culture, and resources. It offers a diverse range of gameplay opportunities and challenges for players to explore.

Looking ahead, Mark Laursen, the CEO of Bright Star Studios, has set ambitious goals for the development timeline. In September, the studio plans to unveil a player dungeon teeming with formidable bosses. Furthermore, providing a glimpse into the thrilling gameplay that awaits. Following this, the team aims to conduct a closed beta test by the end of the year, with the ultimate objective of launching the game as soon as possible thereafter.

Bright Star Studios is committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience in Ember Sword, and its upcoming milestones reflect its dedication to bringing its vision to life.

Bright Star Studios Announces Land Sale NFTs for Ember Sword
Bright Star Studios Announces Land Sale NFTs for Ember Sword

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Bright Star Studios Announces Land Sale NFTs for Ember Sword

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Bright Star Studios Announces Land Sale NFTs for Ember Sword

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