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Call of Antia- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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Call of Antia The war between the gods led to the univeres collapse, with only a single world left, ANTIA – the world that would become the last refuge for any survivors. However, not even Antia could escape the threat of destruction. and once the darkness infiltrated, it too succumbed to disaster. Though light eventually proved victorious against the darkness, the darkness wouldn’t be eliminated so easily. Now, after lurking for centuries, the dark forces have returned

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Call of Antia- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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NFL Rivals Mobile Launch with NFTs on iOS and Android

NFL Rivals, developed by Mythical Games, is the first official NFL-licensed web3 game that utilizes blockchain technology, now featuring NFT (Non-Fungible Token) player cards. The game, available on iOS and Android, allows players to become managers and create and manage their own NFL dream teams. The recent upgrade introduces NFT functionality, enabling players to purchase NFT player cards through iOS and Android apps via secondary marketplaces.

To access NFTs in NFL Rivals, players must reach level 4 or higher in the game, which unlocks the ability to upgrade NFL players and purchase digital collectibles. The “Improve My Roster” feature guides players to suggested NFT player cards, leading them to the secondary marketplace for purchasing. While the current marketplace experience is limited, Mythical Games plans to expand these features over time to facilitate buying and selling NFTs directly through the mobile apps.

In-game utility for NFL Rivals is represented by Credits, which players can acquire through in-app purchases. These Credits can be used in the blockchain marketplace to acquire various items. Despite the integration of complex web3 technology, the game’s player-first approach has contributed to its popularity among millions of players.

Additionally, NFL Rivals incorporates an NFT creator community. When an NFT creator makes a sale on the marketplace, they receive compensation in the form of Myth, a cryptocurrency token. The game’s pricing structure adheres to App Store and Google Play Store rules, ensuring compliance and user safety.

Looking ahead, Mythical Games plans to introduce an exciting bidding system for items in the marketplace, enhancing the player experience. Notably, NFT suggestions on iOS are surprisingly affordable, despite the platform’s usual higher pricing for NFTs. The NFTs related to NFL Rivals are built on the Mythical Chain, a blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, with future plans to migrate to the Polkadot blockchain.

Since its soft launch in April, NFL Rivals has garnered over 2 million downloads, with its official worldwide release aligning with the start of the 2023 NFL season. The collaboration between Mythical Games and NFL Rivals provides fans with a novel way to engage with their favorite NFL teams. The partnership has even led to prominent branding within the Miami Dolphins’ home stadium, offering fans opportunities to win VIP experiences during Dolphins’ home games.

This initiative reflects a growing trend within sports leagues, where Web3-powered games like NFL Rivals aim to enhance fan engagement and generate additional revenue streams. Notably, the platform Sorare has emerged as a leader in this domain, establishing partnerships with major sports leagues such as the NBA, MLB, and top soccer leagues worldwide.

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Call of Antia- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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Call of Antia- Best Blockchain Game 2024