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Calling All Axie Adventurers: Land Delegation Awaits

Calling All Axie Adventurers: Land Delegation Awaits

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Have you ever desired to experience the thrill of playing Axie Homeland without owning an Axie land plot? The most awaited “land delegation” initiative travels to Axie Homeland. Axie Land Delegation empowers players who don’t own any property but have a keen interest in land management to work out agreements with owners who lack the time or resources to take care of their land plots. In the Axie universe, these supporting characters are referred to as Stewards.

To put it in a nutshell, landowners can appoint people to look after and maintain their property while still reaping the benefits of leaderboard rankings.

Land Delegation Provides Endless Opportunities

Before the launch of delegation land in Axie Homeland, delegation is done manually. Landowners must choose their plot and enter the player’s address before assigning them a player. No official rental market exists. The landowner’s Ronin wallet receives all benefits received for ranking highly on the leaderboards automatically. Any payment arrangements must be negotiated between the Steward and the property owner. Delegation durations can be defined by owners between 1 and 365 days. 24 hours following Steward’s initial delegation, landowners have the option of rescinding their permission to access the land.

Although the complete integration of the new land delegation feature, enabling blockchain-enforced contracts between players, is still pending in the game, it represents a positive advancement. It is disturbing that we are still expecting land-based gameplay that does not necessitate possession of a land plot. However, land delegation serves as a valuable tool for both landowners and individuals interested in engaging with Axie Homeland.

To establish and oversee their land delegations, players can conveniently utilize the official Axie website. Players seeking delegation opportunities and maximizing their potential should explore prospective partners through the Axie Discord server.

Empowering Players with Notable Features

Axie Homeland currently provides the following features:

  • The act of gathering raw resources from the environment.
  • Craft: Create potent supplies and equipment for your explorers.
  • Trade: Exchange goods and services for game cash with local explorers and other owners.
  • Enhance and decorate your property area.
  • Build the facilities required to manufacture equipment and refine raw materials.
  • Compete fiercely: Try to rank among the top players on the leaderboards Passive Adventure – equip and send your adventurers into the fight
  • Explore the realm of Lunacia as landlords build expansive towns on their empty plots.
  • Homeland will eventually make a connection with Axie Origins, and the two games will complement one another in various ways.

Landowners Set to Experience Additional Advantages

In Axie Infinity: Homeland, if you possess a territory Plot, you can provide steward access to your plans and authority over your territory. Currently, the only way to get prizes is if your steward places them on the scoreboard; in this case, the landowner’s Ronin wallet address will receive the awards. Additionally, landowners with several plots can assign one or more guardians to each property. Landowners are required to establish an authority term that ranges from 1 to 365 days.

Perks of Being Steward in Axie Homeland

You are a steward if a property owner assigns you a plot. In Axie Infinity: Homeland, guardians are granted access to a landowner’s plot. Your prizes will be delivered to the landowner’s Ronin wallet account if you finish high on the scoreboard. You must negotiate this with the landlord on your own if you want to take part in these benefits as well. Players can find a landowner or gardener in their discord channel.

Revoking is yet another term that has been discussed a lot in this game. A landowner can take back his land from a steward when they revoke it. Stewards are unable to cancel Land Plots or terminate the authorization on their own. After 24 hours have passed from their original delegation, landowners can cancel their Land Plot at any moment. However, the game recommends that a player should inform the steward before revoking the plot from them.

Final Thoughts

In the game Axie Homeland, you develop and expand on your land plot by employing your Axies. Homeland’s major objective is to run a town as effectively as possible so that visitors have the resources and equipment, they need to combat groups of enemies. The more lucrative these explorers are, the greater the advantages for the landlord. Players must build structures and harvest crops while allocating these tasks to Axies.

Land delegation is rapidly evolving to provide players with an immersive gaming experience like never before. Above all, it keeps on offering endless opportunities to keep players engaged within the community and always looks to help each other with their land.

Axie Homeland Introduces Land Delegation to Empower Stewards
Axie Homeland Introduces Land Delegation to Empower Stewards

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Calling All Axie Adventurers: Land Delegation Awaits

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Calling All Axie Adventurers: Land Delegation Awaits

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