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CG Meta Game, A Fun Play-To-Earn Quest

CG Meta Game, A Fun Play-To-Earn Quest

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Get to Know About CG Meta Game: An Exciting Play-to-Earn Quest. Through the advanced features of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Crypto Guilds offer a unique mix of strategy, exploration, and the chance to make money.

CG Meta Game, a revolutionary play-to-earn game platform that could change the cryptocurrency and gaming industries, has joined the world of guilds. The idea behind this groundbreaking game is that the heroes and villains are based on real people who have inspired the crypto world. The players act as heroes as they fight the bad guys who support the Bear’s rule and try to take back control of the Metaverse from the Bear. Start an exciting adventure in a virtual world where immersive games and blockchain technology meet.

Resolve Exciting Quests

With CG Meta Game, you can find and do fun quests inside the game. In many web3 games, players go on quests that are like fights with bad guys. Each completed quest gives the player rewards like cash, NFTs, in-game currencies, and more. It also makes the player’s character stronger and weakens the villain’s base of operations.

By doing the monthly quests, you can earn $VIL coin, which is a unique token used to make sure that transactions in the game are safe. It is a MemeCoin that is important to the story and setting of the CG. Put your $VIL coin on a stake and lock it to make or mint equipment. To help people learn more about how game economies work, 10% of all $VIL coins will be given away for free at first. But 5% of those will be split between all discovery boxes in the same way. In the discovery box, players will find their Crypto Guilds NFT, badges, and $VIL coins.

Increasing Player Potential in CG Meta Game

Badges and Equipment in the game can help players improve their characters and help them on their quest to be heroes. You can do quests or pay $VIL money to get these bonuses. People who get NFTs early have an advantage because they can get Badges from earlier quests that people who get NFTs later can’t.

CG Meta Game gives you a lot of chances to win big prizes by completing monthly quests in different web3 games. Badges (Soulbound Tokens) and Equipment that can be upgraded on these NFTs raise their score and possible earnings for all upcoming CG tasks.

A Sneak Peek into the Future

The future is vividly portrayed in the CG Meta Game plan. The first quest starts on July 5 and runs until July 24 after the Discovery Box releases on June 19 and $VIL coins become available on July 3. After that, on August 1st, the second quest will be live, and the supplies will become available in August or September.

CG Meta Game Uses NFTs for Profit

At launch, the CG Meta Game NFT collection has 1000 free-to-mint NFTs. A portion of the sales from subsequent CG NFTs will go towards the Quest Pool of Rewards. Players can use badges, devices, and skins to improve and upgrade these NFTs. The game also uses a scoring system to determine the importance of each NFT in subsequent reward pools.

The play-to-earn approach aligns perfectly with the earning systems in the CG Meta Game. Due to the rewards set up for game companies to take part and fund quests within the CG Meta Game, CG NFTs have a unique value.

The MemeCoin $VIL enhances gaming even more. This coin can be staked by players to participate in item building. When equipped, these items act as tradeable NFTs within the ecosystem, greatly enhancing CG NFTs.

CG Meta Game: Royalty Charge

For CG and Equipment NFTs, the game charges a royalty fee. When players trade items, a small portion of the money goes to the CG Treasury and the Quest Pool of Rewards. To keep an ecosystem fair, people who don’t pay their royalties may be punished by having their CG NFTs blocked.

Crypto Guilds Reveals a Lineup of Their Stellar Launch Partners

Crypto Guilds have teamed up with well-known web3 players, which lets them dive into the world of CG Meta Game and bring new ideas to the project.

Game7 DAO is set to give the CG ecosystem a clear advantage. Game7 DAO is a place where web3 games can get strategic financial support and help them grow.

Ultra, a gaming platform for the next generation, has also decided to become CG Meta Game’s launch partner. Because they work so well together, their goal is to make it easy to promote and integrate.

Neo Tokyo, a talented group of creators who want to improve crypto gaming and metaverse experiences, is also on their recently announced roster. Because of this partnership, Meta Game will be able to make games that are interesting and immersive.

Polygon, a blockchain platform that supports popular web3 games, works with Crypto Guilds to make sure Meta Game does well. Their infrastructure will give Meta Game a solid foundation for running smoothly.

On the list of launch partners are more than 30 well-known web3 projects, all of which want this new launch to be a success. Because of these well-known partners, CG Meta Game will definitely get a lot of fans.

Exploring the CG Meta Game An Exciting Play-to-Earn Quest, NFT Crypto Game
Exploring the CG Meta Game An Exciting Play-to-Earn Quest

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CG Meta Game, A Fun Play-To-Earn Quest

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CG Meta Game, A Fun Play-To-Earn Quest

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