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Chain of Alliance- Best Blockchain Game

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Chain of Alliance- Best Blockchain Game

Chain of Alliance is a fully on-chain role-playing and strategy game in a fantasy/science fiction setting with NFTs. Join a party of adventurers and combat other players’ parties or AI-controlled monsters. Loot and get XP to enhance and develop your individual heroes!

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Chain of Alliance- Best Blockchain Game

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Blankos Block Party Goes Mobile: Mythical Games Strategic Shift and Impact on the Gaming Industry

Mythical Games has made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing plans to bring their multiplayer sensation, Blankos Block Party, to mobile devices, including Android and iOS. The official release plan is yet to be unveiled, but Mythical Games’ CEO and co-founder, Jamie Jackson, has provided some insights into this strategic move. The decision to expand to mobile gaming is seen as a potential game-changer, aiming to attract a broader audience and maintain player engagement through exciting updates.

Blankos Block Party, originally released on PC, experienced early success, becoming the first blockchain game to reach one million players. It gained recognition from major brands and regulators like Prime Gaming, ESRB, PEGI, Burberry, Godzilla (Toho), Pop-Tarts, and Deadmau5, making it a pioneer in incorporating blockchain technology into gaming.

Mythical Games is shifting its development focus from PC to Blankos Mobile, aligning with the global trend of mobile gaming’s popularity, which boasts over 2.4 billion players worldwide. The intention is to bridge the existing PC user base to mobile, offering a seamless gaming experience with the same Blankos account usable on both platforms.

This move also brings a wave of exciting new features, including collaborations, multiplayer options with friends, and enhanced customization for Blankos characters. The game’s mission of discovery, production, and collection remains central, allowing players to explore user-created content and enjoy various game modes.

The mobile version of Blankos Block Party promises to introduce features like a battle royale mode and crafting systems, capitalizing on the mobile gaming industry’s growth. While this transition presents challenges, including the need for careful attention to detail and infrastructure improvements, it signifies a significant investment for Mythical Games, ensuring their continued prominence in the gaming world. Ultimately, it aims to deliver an immersive and captivating mobile gaming experience like never before.

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