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Crazy Snake- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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Crazy Snake- Best Blockchain Game 2024

Crazy Snake is a community-driven GameFi platform that increases player engagement and entertainment through $Crazy distribution. Crazy Snake combines the advantages of DeFi and NFT very well, using financial mechanisms and game systems to empower players, creating a truly unique and lasting free-to-play, easy-to-earn ecosystem

Christmas Update (version 1.2.9)

What’s new?

Crazy Shuffle – you need to select NFT blocks with the same image, match 3 of the same images to eliminate the blocks, and try to solve the whole puzzle by eliminating all blocks.

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Crazy Snake- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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Gaming Goldmine: Recent Big Moves in the Play-to-Earn World

In a whirlwind day for play-to-earn gaming, significant shifts occurred. NFL Rivals soared to 2 million users, signaling Web3 gaming’s growth. Animoca Brands raised $20 million to boost Mocaverse and drive Web3 adoption across its projects. MixMarvel and Yeeha Games partnered to democratize decentralized gaming. Alien Worlds introduced the exclusive ‘Emergence Collection’ for NFT points enthusiasts. GamePhilos Studio secured $8 million in seed funding, promising groundbreaking gameplay in “Age of Dino.” The play-to-earn gaming future is here, marked by interactivity, decentralization, and user focus. Here’s a summary of the top five noteworthy events in just 24 hours:

NFL Rivals Soars to 2 Million Active Users: Mythical Games, in collaboration with the NFL, witnessed a massive surge in their mobile NFT game, NFL Rivals, with an astounding 2 million active users. The game’s timing, coinciding with the NFL season kickoff and its recognition as the App Store’s ‘Game of the Day,’ has contributed to this remarkable achievement. The CEO of Mythical Games, John Linden, expressed his excitement on Twitter. This milestone underscores the growing traction of Web3 gaming, especially since Mythical Games recently transitioned from Ethereum to Polkadot for improved scalability and performance.

Yeeha Games and MixMarvel Forge a Blockchain Partnership: MixMarvel, a prominent blockchain gaming platform, joined forces with Yeeha Games, an experienced gaming publisher in the blockchain space, in a strategic partnership aimed at democratizing decentralized gaming. MixMarvel brings its blockchain expertise and gaming IP, including the popular game MetaCene, while Yeeha Games contributes its cloud technology and gaming ecosystem. This collaboration is expected to accelerate the development and adoption of decentralized gaming and bring high-quality blockchain games to a wider audience.

Alien Worlds’ ‘Emergence Collection’ Sparks Excitement: Alien Worlds announced the upcoming ‘Emergence Collection,’ which is set to create a buzz in the Trillium mining community. This collection features ten new mining tools available exclusively through NFT points. Users can upgrade these tools to premium versions such as Gold, Stardust, or Antimatter. The release date for this collection is September 12, targeting NFT points enthusiasts.

GamePhilos Studio Secures $8 Million in Seed Funding: Singaporean MMO developer GamePhilos Studio successfully secured $8 million in seed funding, with backing from industry heavyweights like Xterio and Animoca Ventures. This funding bodes well for their flagship game, “Age of Dino,” and promises state-of-the-art gameplay and Web3 features. Additionally, FunPlus’s gaming engine and art direction by ex-Blizzard artist Wang Wei further enhance the game’s potential. The release is anticipated for 2024.

Animoca Brands Raises $20 Million for Mocaverse: Animoca Brands secured a significant funding round of $20 million, led by CMCC Global. The company is issuing shares at A$4.50 each, accompanied by utility tokens. This funding will bolster Mocaverse, an innovative NFT project, and drive Web3 adoption across Animoca’s extensive portfolio of over 450 projects. The introduction of Moca ID, an on-chain identity feature, will offer a novel way to earn loyalty points within the growing Mocaverse ecosystem.

In a single day filled with developments that would typically span an entire year in most industries, the play-to-earn gaming sector is emphasizing that the future is here, characterized by greater interactivity, decentralization, and a heightened focus on user engagement.

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