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Cronos validates nodes for Assassin’s Creed developer Ubisoft

Cronos validates nodes for Assassin’s Creed developer Ubisoft

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Ubisoft, the creator of Assassin’s Creed join forces with Cronos as a node validator to work alongside 27 Cronos blockchain validators

The world’s leading developer of video games, Ubisoft, is now collaborating as a validator with yet another blockchain network as it broadens its presence in the developing NFT gaming market.

Cronos Announces Ubisoft as Validator

The statement says that Ubisoft will help to promote the Cronos network. The creator of Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, and other well-known video game series will run a node on the open-source network that works with both Ethereum and Cosmos.

Along with 27 other Cronos blockchain validators, like cryptocurrency exchange and infrastructure company Blockdaemon, Ubisoft will create or verify new blocks on the network. Most of the time, a network that is less centralized has more validators.

We called Cronos Labs to ask about their partnership terms and if they were exchanging money, but they didn’t answer right away.

Ubisoft and Cronos Labs will work together to promote blockchain games. A tweet about the news said that they want to use what they know from Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab.

Cronos’ Twitter Post

“We look forward to leveraging their enthusiasm for blockchain technology and being challenged by their team as we progress on the technical and ecosystem roadmap of the Cronos chain,” said Cronos Labs Managing Director Ken Timsit in a blog post. Ubisoft previously served as a mentor to startups participating in the Cronos Accelerator Program in 2022.

Following years of developing and releasing its blockchain games, supporting several networks and platforms. Moreover, investing in projects, Ubisoft’s acceptance of Cronos is simply the publisher’s most recent attempt to grow widely.

The business is now making Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, a tactical role-playing game that was first shown on the Oasys blockchain network at the end of last month.

Back in 2021, Ubisoft put NFT goods for their PC game Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on the Tezos blockchain. It was the first time that a big publisher did this. But traditional gamers who didn’t like Ubisoft’s move into the NFT market gave the company a lot of bad reviews.

Ubisoft’s Web3 Journey and Assassin’s Creed NFTs

In 2018, Ubisoft began to try out blockchain technology with the Minecraft-like HashCraft prototype, which was never released. Sorare is a fantasy football game with a Rabbids theme that was put out by the publisher. Later, added its Rabbids avatars to the game The Sandbox on the Ethereum metaverse platform.

Along with this, Ubisoft also helped the Tezos and Hedera blockchain ecosystems with their validators. It has worked with NFT games like Axie Infinity and Sorare, as well as the EOS-based crypto gaming marketplace Ultra. Ubisoft has also helped a lot of startups in the cryptocurrency and NFT industries through its Entrepreneurs Lab program.

Because Ubisoft and Reality Labs worked together, Ubisoft bought Assassin’s Creed NFTs into web3 early on. Ubisoft got into the Web3 market with Assassin’s Creed NFTs. This is part of a larger trend in which businesses use NFT technology to interact with customers in creative ways. Ubisoft is a key player in Web3 and beyond because it uses NFT technology. Ubisoft stands out in the market because it has made games that were ahead of their time and had interesting ideas.

Even though Ubisoft is using NFTs, it’s important to know that many game developers are still aware of the consequences, even if Ubisoft is using them. They are aware of how this new technology could be used against them. Gamers worry about the idea of giving users control over in-game assets and turning the closed system model on its head.

Ubisoft Contributes to the Security of the Network

Ubisoft has joined a group of 27 node operators to help keep the open-source Cronos blockchain safe and honest. Each node contributes to the decentralized validation by making or validating new blocks every five to six seconds on average.

Cronos wants to work with open-source developers and validators who have a good reputation for making games that are immersive and interesting. This is why Ubisoft is working with Cronos. At the moment, the Cronos blockchain has, Blockdaemon, Dora Factory, Allnodes, and a number of well-known validators.

Ubisoft, the creator of Assassin's Creed join forces with Cronos as a node validator to work alongside 27 Cronos blockchain validators
Cronos validates nodes for Assassin's Creed developer Ubisoft 2

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Cronos validates nodes for Assassin’s Creed developer Ubisoft

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Cronos validates nodes for Assassin’s Creed developer Ubisoft

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