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Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) – Best Play To Earn Game


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Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) is the highly-anticipated first blockchain-based game to offer a unique combination of MOBA and Battle Royale gameplay. With funding from over 13 institutional investors, and is set to revolutionize the crypto gaming industry.

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Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) – Best Play To Earn Game

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Thirdweb Welcomes Ex-Facebook Pro to Level Up Web3 Experience

Thirdweb got $24 million in a Series A funding round in August 2022. Big investors like Hahn Ventures, Polygon Labs, Coinbase Ventures, and Shopify contributed to this round. The company is now worth a whopping $160 million more because of this big investment. After their funding round went well, Thirdweb made a move to strengthen their position in the Web3 gaming market. They recently appointed Atif Khan, a seasoned Facebook executive, as their new Vice President of Gaming. Khan has a lot of experience because he was the Head of Mid-Market and In-App Ads for Global Gaming at Facebook. This smart hire shows that Thirdweb wants to improve the Web3 gaming experience and strengthen their position in the industry.

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Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) – Best Play To Earn Game

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Crypto Elite’s Battlegrounds (CEBG) – Best Play To Earn Game