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CryptoBlades Kingdoms- Best Play To Earn Game

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CryptoBlades Kingdoms- Best Play To Earn Game


The world of CryptoBlades: Kingdoms is contained within four warring nations’ realms. A 5000 x 5000 area, with 25000000 claimable lands makes up the world. These claimable lands are grouped into 50 x 50 territories for a total of 400 territories within CryptoBlades: Kingdoms. The entire map will reside on one blockchain per game instance, but eventually there may be multiple game instances across multiple blockchains. The game will start on BSC, but plan to expand to others.


In CryptoBlades Kingdoms, players start from a small, single node village, but have the ability to expand their empire and influence on the land. Within weeks, an efficient village may be ready to recruit missionaries to further expand their reach.


Dungeons are composed of a few important parts: rewards, max explorers, difficulty, and accessibility. Each dungeon has rewards that rotate weekly, and are randomly chosen from a list of stone, wood, clay, keys, and KING token.


Guilds have three recruitment settings: open, invite-only/request, and closed. Guilds with open invitation allow anyone to join as desired. Guilds with invite-only/request invitation require a senior member of the guild to invite any newcomers, and newcomers can apply to the guild.


Dungeons are composed of a few important parts: rewards, max explorers, difficulty, and accessibility. Each dungeon has rewards that rotate weekly, and are randomly chosen from a list of: stone, clay, wood, KING, and keys. When a dungeon rotates rewards, it also rotates the number of explorers that can go in. This number will range from 4 to 40, with a tendency towards lower numbers.

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CryptoBlades Kingdoms- Best Play To Earn Game

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