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Cryptopolis- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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Cryptopolis- Best Blockchain Game 2024

Cryptopolis is a Social online NFT game where you can build out your apartment with NFT items, socialize with friends and play minigames to climb to the top of the Tower!

Every player’s character has a need system with needs such as sleep, hunger and entertainment and the in-game NFTs give users these requirements or special benefits. The more rare the NFT the bigger the boost that is given!

Likewise users need to upgrade their skills to progress in the game, so a certain task might require a certain fitness level, in this case you can either purchase a gym set NFT (treadmill) and train in your own apartment, or visit another players apartment and use your $CPO to train in their ‘gym’!

Another method to progress your character faster is challenging your friends for all kind of minigames such as pool and chess. By playing these minigames you will earn XP for your Prestige and $CPO that you can convert to real USD!

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Cryptopolis- Best Blockchain Game 2024

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