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Delabs Games Enters the World of Web3 Gaming with Three Immersive Titles

Delabs Games Enters the World of Web3 Gaming with Three Immersive Titles

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Delabs Games is stepping into the world of web3 gaming with NFT-based games Rumble Racing Star, Space Frontier, and Meta Bolts.

Quinn Kwon, the head of web3 strategy at South Korean game company Delabs Games, shared some insights in the most recent podcast about their upcoming titles. Delabs Games is stepping into the world of web3 gaming with three immersive games: Rumble Racing Star, Space Frontier, and Meta Bolts. The discussion highlighted the upcoming web3 game, Rumble Racing Star and Delabs’ plans to launch other games. Let’s delve into the topic to explore the endless opportunities associated with the games.

Rumble Racing Star

Rumble Racing Star will be the first game to be released by Delabs Games. A casual party game, it is a lawnmower-themed kart racing game. Delabs hired primary producer from Crazy Racing Kart Rider and other team members to develop the game.

Players can participate using a device that resembles a lawnmower to mow the grass. They can defeat rivals in Rumble Racing Star’s entertaining multiplayer racing experience. The game’s tracks, special equipment, and talents, together with its connection with PFP NFTs for profile pictures, let players express their distinct personalities using NFTs.

Delabs previously attracted interest from the web3 world by dominating the OpenSea NFT marketplace in April. During the creation of Adventure Pass NFT, the first South Korean gaming business accomplished the feat.

Additionally, the game has a strong connection to the concepts of participation and community. By building this platform, they hope to encourage interaction between groups and the ensuing expansion of the ecosystem. They are accomplishing this by collaborating with several PFP NFT initiatives. To include communities, Delabs is speaking with other initiatives. You might see a matchup between Bored Apes and Goblintown.

Space Frontiers

Space Frontiers is a survival and crafting MMORPG space-themed game. You must construct and create various things and resources in order to survive on the planet. There is also a planet that you may create on for yourself. You visit the open world to hunt creatures and collect resources. There is also a planet for players to build. It’s more of an open environment where several players can enter and engage in cooperative gaming.

Meta Bolts

Meta Bolts is a popular anime-themed action RPG game featuring immersive art styles. The game empowers players to develop a bond with the characters they are creating. These characters have special talents and abilities. They provide variety of skills, so all you have to do is include the new talent instead of changing it.

Delabs Games: A Separate Brand for Blockchain Games

The reason for a separate company is that 4:33 faced issues offering blockchain games. James Kwon, the CEO, once served as CEO of Nexon before founding 4:33, although his experience includes serving as a psychology professor. Therefore, when they first began working on blockchain two years ago, what was extremely intriguing is the psychology that blockchain may offer to games.

At the moment, if you invest your time, money, and energy into a game, you have no idea what will happen to your valuables and there is no external monetary value. However, Blockchain offers a solution by integrating it into a real economy. Furthermore, it allows users to hold assets with the confidence that they can be verified on the blockchain. And we consider that psychology to be quite a powerful concept when combined with blockchain.

The game production firm has been attempting to monetize players. However, there are several mechanisms in place in the web3 area to oppose this, either through gameplay, content creation, or content sharing. Community members will play their role to extend the game’s lifetime so it can generate handsome revenue. It’s quite challenging to include every single NFT in a collection in the 3D, Unity-built game. Therefore, their strategy is to include a representative character from the collection. However, users may use their NFT as their profile photo, the flag on the back of their kart, or as a decal if they link their wallet to their gaming account. Delabs Games is considering several different use cases.

About Delabs Games

Gaming studio Delabs Games is located in South Korea. They are actually a sub-company of 4:33 Games, which some listeners might recognize. Over the course of its more than 13 years as a mobile game developer, 4:33 has produced a number of hit titles both in Korea and internationally. In the beginning, they created a lot of games for the Korean market before expanding to a broader worldwide market. Blockchain is the next step in the game industry.

Delabs has been working on three distinct blockchain games for the past two years, and they are almost ready to release Rumble Racing Star.

Final Thoughts

Prior to the release of our games, Delabs also plans to build up the community, and many members have been quite active in regard to Rumble Racing Star’s initial test. In general, they believe that everyone who has tested Rumble Racing Star has provided them with really positive feedback. Everyone seems to be really enjoying the game, so they believe that the game has enough potential to grab a huge audience. I’m looking forward to seeing what type of response we’ll have after we make the game available to a larger audience.

Delabs Games is stepping into the world of web3 gaming with NFT-based games Rumble Racing Star, Space Frontier, and Meta Bolts.
Delabs Games Enters the World of Web3 Gaming with Three Immersive Titles 2

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Delabs Games Enters the World of Web3 Gaming with Three Immersive Titles

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Delabs Games Enters the World of Web3 Gaming with Three Immersive Titles

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