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Enter the Future of Gaming with RYUZO: Bandai Namco’s AI-Powered Virtual Pet Game and Blockchain NFT Adventure!

Enter the Future of Gaming with RYUZO: Bandai Namco’s AI-Powered Virtual Pet Game and Blockchain NFT Adventure!

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Bandai Namco introduces virtual pet game, RYUZO, centered around a collection of NFT while collaborating with Oasys blockchain network

In a groundbreaking collaboration, primary online game writer Bandai Namco has joined forces with Oasys, a gaming-centric blockchain network, to introduce a cutting-edge AI-powered virtual pet sport centered around a collection of NFT-primarily based digital creatures called RYU.

This revolutionary gaming revel in, evolved by Bandai Namco Research and Japanese startup Attructure, is published by Double Jump.Tokyo.

The RYUZO game officially launched on Wednesday, introducing game enthusiasts to a brilliant combo of AI technology and blockchain-based NFTs.

The Emergence of Ryuzo

As a prelude to the grand launch, Bandai Namco Research airdropped 10,000 virtual NFT eggs (also known as MARYU) to holders of Oasys’ initial series of NFTs underneath the “Oasyx” undertaking. Upon hatching, the RYU creatures transform into soulbound tokens, meaning they end up locked to their authentic wallets and may now not be transferred or offered.

This mechanism ensures that every RYU stays specific and one-of-a-kind in the digital world.

Tamagotchi Meets AI Technology

The idea of RYUZO draws inspiration from the conventional Tamagotchi digital puppy sport. However, it takes this nostalgic concept to a whole new level by incorporating synthetic intelligence (AI). RYUZOs broaden awesome personalities and liberate diverse capabilities based on their interactions and engagements with customers.

Gamers can interact by feeding and racing their RYU, fostering an experience of responsibility and attachment to their virtual pets. Thanks to the integration of AI, these virtual creatures can learn and grow, handing over an extraordinary digital puppy.

Creating Generations in the Application

One of the thrilling features of Ryuzo is the capacity for gamers to create similar generations of Maryu inside the utility. This functionality lets users explore one-of-a-kind combinations and trends, enhancing the gameplay and increasing the variety of digital pets.

As the nurturing section concludes after a year, RYUZOs will continue to remain active inside the digital world, imparting lengthy-lasting leisure for the game enthusiasts.

Oasys’ Vision and Collaborations

Oasys, the gaming-centric blockchain network behind RYUZO, promises not only a high-quality gaming experience but also a sequence of collaborations with other terrific recreation tasks.

First is a crossover event with the famous blockchain sport “Brave Frontier Heroes,” also advanced with Double Jump Tokyo. This collaboration is anticipated to further enhance the gaming world and the NFT ecosystem.

Bandai Namco’s Storied Legacy

Bandai Namco, the famed game publisher, has an illustrious record. Formed via the merger of classic game studio Namco and leisure organization Bandai in 2005, the writer has been responsible for iconic franchises like Pac-Man, Soulcalibur, and Tekken. Additionally, Bandai Namco’s hit movement-function-playing game Elden Ring garnered big success upon its release.

RYUZO’s Development and Bandai Namco Research

The Ryuzo sport co-evolved with Bandai Namco Research, an esteemed division within the business enterprise. This division was founded by Hajime Nakatani, an outstanding game director and studio manager who has worked on an array of video games for the writer. Nakatani’s expertise and involvement ensured the seamless integration of the Oasys NFT venture into the Ryuzo recreation.

Oasys’ Impact on the Gaming Industry

Bandai Namco isn’t always the most effective major game developer when it comes to embracing the capabilities of Oasys. Ubisoft is actively running its subsequent blockchain game, “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles,” using the Oasys platform.

Furthermore, Sega’s classic Virtua Fighter franchise joined forces with Oasys, with the involvement of series writer Yu Suzuki. Oasys has undoubtedly made its mark as a recreation-changing blockchain community, bringing innovation and new opportunities to the gaming panorama.

Bandai Namco’s NFT Endeavors

Prior to the RYUZO recreation, Bandai Namco delivered its first NFT assignment, “World of Den-On-Bu,”. The game allow users to purchase tokens inspired by the Japanese dance tune sport series of the same name.

This pass showcased the enterprise’s willingness to discover new opportunities within the blockchain and NFT areas, further enhancing its popularity as a forward-thinking sports writer.

A Metaverse Experience on the Horizon

Looking ahead, Bandai Namco has exciting plans for a metaverse based on the popular “Gundam” anime franchise. This formidable assignment is set to release in October and has an enormous budget of over $100 million.

With such grand plans, Bandai Namco is poised to take its gaming prowess into the immersive world of the metaverse. Furthermore, promising a remarkable experience for fans and gamers alike.


The collaboration between Bandai Namco and Oasys has given rise to Ryuzo, a great AI-powered digital puppy NFT sport that pushes the bounds of gaming and the blockchain era. Combining the nostalgic allure of Tamagotchi with current AI skills, RYUZO can provide an engaging and ever-evolving digital puppy for players to enjoy.

As Oasys continues to forge collaborations and amplify its impact on the gaming industry, Bandai Namco’s determination to embrace blockchain and NFT technology ensures a brilliant future for innovative gaming experiences.

Summary: Enter the Future of Gaming with RYUZO: Bandai Namco’s AI-Powered Virtual Pet Game and Blockchain NFT Adventure!

Bandai Namco’s RYUZO: AI-powered virtual pet game with blockchain NFT creatures, a groundbreaking fusion of technology.

Bandai Namco has collaborated with the Oasys blockchain network to launch RYUZO, an innovative virtual pet game centered on AI-powered creatures known as RYU and built on blockchain NFT technology. The game, created by Bandai Namco Research and startup Attructure, combines AI and NFTs to create a unique gaming experience. The game’s launch included the delivery of virtual NFT eggs to Oasys’ NFT holders, ensuring that each RYU is unique. RYUZO takes the Tamagotchi concept and elevates it with AI, allowing creatures to develop personalities and skills through interactions. Players can breed Maryu to increase gameplay and pet variety.

Bandai Namco introduces virtual pet game, RYUZO, centered around a collection of NFT while collaborating with Oasys blockchain network
Enter the Future of Gaming with RYUZO: Bandai Namco's AI-Powered Virtual Pet Game and Blockchain NFT Adventure! 2

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Enter the Future of Gaming with RYUZO: Bandai Namco’s AI-Powered Virtual Pet Game and Blockchain NFT Adventure!

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Enter the Future of Gaming with RYUZO: Bandai Namco’s AI-Powered Virtual Pet Game and Blockchain NFT Adventure!

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