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Eternal Dragons Announce Clash of Dragons: Hamburg

Eternal Dragons Announce Clash of Dragons: Hamburg

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Gear up web3 gamers as Eternal Dragons announce Clash of Dragons: Hamburg, its much-awaited PvP tournament. The tournament will begin on 24th June with group stage matches and will head to the grand finale on 1st of July in Hamburg. Top Dragoneers will compete in the showdown that is reaching its epitome combining the ideas from previous successful tournaments and EDCon Berlin. The exciting idea for a tournament that’s all about the amazing Dragoneers 2023! Moreover, the tournament will make sure everyone in the Eternal Dragons community can join in on the fun. Here’s how Eternal Dragons plan to make it happen.

The PvP Eternal Dragons Tournament Format

Alright, so here’s the news for the players. The tournament will have eight awesome seats up for grabs, and guess what? Only the lucky folks attending Dragoneers 2023 in Hamburg can enter! Each Gaming Guild can snag up to two seats, so make sure to claim yours. But don’t worry if you miss out, because any remaining seats will be up for sale soon. Stay tuned on Eternal Dragons’ Discord for all the juicy details.

Tournament Important Dates

Now, mark your calendars! The group stages of the tournament will take place on Saturday, 24th June, starting at 5:00 pm CEST. It’s gonna be a blast! Then, get ready for the semi-finals on Sunday, 25th June. And finally, for the grand finale, the epitome of the competition will go live in Hamburg on the 1st of July. Can you feel the excitement building? I know I can!

The Placings

Once the tournament is set in stone. The organizers will shake things up with a random draw to create an 8-person bracket. This bracket will be divided into two groups, each with four participants.

During the group stage, every Dragoneer will face off against their fellow groupmates once. They’ll battle it out in thrilling matches, and the top two finishers from each group will advance to the semi-finals. It’s all about proving their PvP skills and showing off what they’ve got!

Now, let’s talk about the format. In the group stage, matches will be “best of three,” giving the competitors a chance to showcase their abilities and strategies. But wait, it gets even better! Once we reach the semi-finals and the final showdown, matches will be “best of five.” This means there’s even more room for epic gameplay and intense battles from Eternal Dragons.

As for the Guild leaders! Eternal Dragons’ partnerships manager, Irakli, will be reaching out to your Guild soon. Each Guild gets not just one, but two special reserved seats! How cool is that? It’s a way of showing appreciation for the Guild’s support and involvement.

But here’s the deal: If there are any seats left after the Guild reservations, they’ll be up for grabs on a first-come, first-served basis. So keep an eye out for updates and be ready to secure those remaining spots as quickly as possible.

Eternal Dragons: Clash of Dragons Hamburg Prize Pool

The tournament prize pool stands at 1000 USDC, but guess what? It might actually increase during some special events happening right there in Hamburg! Now, let’s break it down for you. Here’s how the prizes will be awarded to our victorious participants:

  • First place: You’re looking at a minimum payout of 500 USDC. That’s some serious cash right there!
  • Second place: Not too shabby! The runner-up will receive a minimum of 250 USDC.
  • Third place: You’ve still got something to celebrate because the third-place finisher will take home a minimum of 150 USDC.
  • Fourth place: Even the fourth-place position won’t go empty-handed. You’ll walk away with a minimum of 100 USDC.

So, there’s a whole lot at stake, and these prizes are just the beginning. With the potential for the prize pool to grow, you’ll definitely want to bring your A-game and give it your all. Get ready to battle it out and become the top Dragoneer in Eternal Dragons. There’s a level-playing field in place and everyone gets a fair chance to participate in this incredible tournament. So, make sure to stay in the loop and act fast when the time comes. Good luck, and may the best Dragoneers prevail!

Stay with us for more as we will be going to cover the grand finale in Hamburg. Stay tuned!

Eternal Dragons Announce Clash of Dragons Hamburg
Eternal Dragons Announce Clash of Dragons Hamburg

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Eternal Dragons Announce Clash of Dragons: Hamburg

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Eternal Dragons Announce Clash of Dragons: Hamburg

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