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Eternal Dragons Unveils Game Update Enhancing Gameplay, Accessibility, Realism and NFT Integration

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Eternal Dragons Unveils Game Update Enhancing Gameplay, Accessibility, Realism and NFT Integration

Eternal Dragons is back with another game update that is all set to improve this NFT gaming experience for Dragoneers and web3 gamers.

Eternal Dragons is once again back with some thrilling updates to ensure an immersive gameplay experience while improving the actual theme of the game. Previously, Eternal Dragons surprised the community with a new exciting quest mode and NFT integration. It created a lot of anticipation among players to keep following developers for more updates.

The current update adds a number of new features to the game with the intention of enhancing gameplay, increasing the game’s accessibility for new users, and making the game more balanced and interesting for everyone. The team noted that community responses were crucial in guiding the development of these changes. In this blog, we will be sharing with you some new features for Eternal Dragons that should greatly improve your game experience. Get ready to dive into these new additions, which will offer a new dimension of excitement to the Eternal Dragons world.

Unit Attack Animations

As your Dragons and Minions do powerful attack moves, you can look forward to an immersive and artistically appealing experience. They’ll move around the board gracefully to get to their opponents, giving every fight more fluidity and excitement. This change not only makes the game more exciting, but it also helps players better understand how each unit affects the battle.

PvP Room Creation Made Easy

The problem with copying PvP room codes has been fixed in Eternal Dragons, so you no longer have to type them in manually. Now, you can easily connect with the people you want to play against and jump right into the action. Make a room, copy the code, and give it to your opponent, then kill them.

PVP AI Opponent

It can be hard to find PvP opponents at all times, especially when time zones are different. So, they are putting in their AI opponent. This smart opponent learns from your moves and gives Dragoneers of all skill levels a good fight. As you fight against this AI opponent, it will learn from each fight and become even harder to beat.

Stacked classes

With the arrival of class stacking in place of skills, strategic depth is given center stage. Now, your combat prowess will be significantly bolstered whenever you field 2, 4, or even 6 units of the same class. Class Stacking also simplifies the ins and outs of each game’s attacks and defences. Embark in combat with matched and allied units, and delve into the deep dynamics of class matching and affinity synergy.

Improved NFT Coupling

They are putting great emphasis on NFT integration, and playersā€™ feedback on this topic is always appreciated and used to inform future improvements. You can create a wide variety of strategies by combining the four classes and affinities you’ve chosen for this fight. Each time you enter combat, two of the four class and affinity combinations will be a perfect fit for your NFT holdings. Make use of this adaptable arrangement to try out new permutations and identify winning methods.

Processing of Varying Aspect Ratios

With Eternal Dragons’ dynamic aspect ratio handling mechanism, the game runs more smoothly and with greater clarity than ever before. Get a better look at the action, so you don’t miss a thing while the stakes are high. Your adventures in the world of Eternal Dragons will be more streamlined and fun than ever before.

The new features and improvements bring an unprecedented level of realism to fights, depth to strategies, and excitement to gameplay.

Recent changes to auto-battler gameplay focus primarily on making individual sessions more “manageable and engaging,” or shorter but still exciting, by reducing the “manual requirements” asked of players and enhancing the game’s overall flow to make it easier to pick up and play. This update simplifies a number of processes, including login and registration, as well as automated battle shop upgrades, lower HP for speedier battles, tier-based unit pricing, an in-app leaderboard, and a public profile within the game.

About Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons allows players to win Eternium for their efforts in this Solana blockchain-hosted game. As they go through Eternal Dragons’ vast world, players can earn unique Dragon NFTs and use them in games across the franchise.

Eternal Dragons is being developed by a team of industry veterans who have worked on games for firms like EA, King, and Microsoft, and on fan favorites like Candy Crush Saga and The Sims. There are three different types of games in the Eternal Dragons series: city-builder, auto-chess battler, and 4X. Since blockchain technology is used across the board, Eternal Dragons NFTs can be used across the board.

Eternal Dragons is back with another game update that is all set to improve this NFT gaming experience for Dragoneers and web3 gamers
Eternal Dragons Unveils Game Update Enhancing Gameplay, Accessibility, Realism and NFT Integration 2

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FAQ: Eternal Dragons Game Update

Q1: What is Eternal Dragons, and why is this game update significant?

A1: Eternal Dragons is an NFT-based gaming experience hosted on the Solana blockchain, featuring a diverse range of gameplay modes. This game update is significant as it introduces several new features aimed at enhancing gameplay, accessibility, and balance, promising an even more immersive and engaging experience for players.

Q2: What are the key features of this game update?

A2: The game update includes the following key features:

  1. Unit Attack Animations for visually appealing battles.
  2. Simplified PvP Room Creation for ease of multiplayer engagement.
  3. A challenging PvP AI Opponent that learns from player moves.
  4. Class Stacking for strategic depth in battles.
  5. Improved NFT Coupling to create unique strategies.
  6. Dynamic Aspect Ratio Handling for smoother gameplay.

Q3: How do the Unit Attack Animations enhance the gaming experience?

A3: Unit Attack Animations bring an artistic and immersive dimension to battles. Dragons and Minions execute powerful moves gracefully, adding excitement and aiding players in understanding unit interactions during battles.

Q4: Can you explain Class Stacking and its impact on gameplay?

A4: Class Stacking allows players to field multiple units of the same class, significantly boosting combat prowess. This mechanic simplifies the mechanics of attacks and defenses, encouraging players to explore class matching and affinity synergy for strategic advantage.

Q5: What’s the significance of the improved NFT Coupling feature?

A5: Improved NFT Coupling emphasizes the importance of NFT integration. Players can experiment with various class and affinity combinations based on their NFT holdings, creating diverse and winning strategies for each battle.

Q6: How does the Dynamic Aspect Ratio Handling benefit players?

A6: Dynamic Aspect Ratio Handling ensures the game runs smoothly and with greater clarity, offering players a better view of the action during gameplay. This feature minimizes distractions and keeps players fully immersed in the game.

Q7: Is Eternal Dragons accessible to new players, and how can I get started?

A7: Yes, Eternal Dragons aims to be accessible to both new and experienced players. You can start by creating an account, exploring the game’s various modes, and following in-game tutorials to learn the ropes.

Q8: Can I use Eternal Dragons NFTs across different game modes?

A8: Yes, thanks to blockchain technology, Eternal Dragons NFTs are versatile and can be used across all three distinct game genres: city-builder, auto-chess battler, and 4X.

Q9: Who is developing Eternal Dragons, and what experience do they bring to the project?

A9: Eternal Dragons is being developed by a team of industry veterans with experience at companies like EA, King, and Microsoft, working on popular games such as Candy Crush Saga and The Sims. Their expertise ensures a high-quality gaming experience.

Q10: Where can I find more information about this game update and Eternal Dragons?

A10: You can stay updated on Eternal Dragons and its latest developments by visiting the official website, social media channels, and community forums. Additionally, you can refer to the article above for a comprehensive overview of the game update.

Eternal Dragons Unveils Game Update Enhancing Gameplay, Accessibility, Realism and NFT Integration

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