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Ethlas 2024

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Ethlas 2024

To date, Ethlas has raised US$8.7m in funding by leading venture capital firms Sequoia Capital, Dragonfly Capital and Makers Fund – a culmination of some of the biggest names within the realms of Web2 and Web3.

Our Mission

Ethlas is making Web3 accessible and safe for everyone, paving the way towards the future of gaming by using Web3 to unlock innovative and fresh user experiences.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the Epic Games or Valve of Web3 – great companies who have built lasting impact both through the game titles they create, but also through the gaming infrastructure that they provide to other game companies..

Ethlas 2024

Ethlas 2024

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This week in the Web3 game industry, significant developments took place as two top game releases, NFL Rivals and Champions Arena, transitioned from beta versions to full live releases on iOS and Android app stores. NFL Rivals, which already boasts a substantial fan base, achieved over 2 million downloads. Additionally, other games like Eternal Dragons, Everseed, and Rogue Nation introduced new updates. Alpha versions of Boss Fighters and Citizen Conflict were also unveiled, offering players passes and chests. In the realm of beta testing, Tearing Spaces underwent substantial improvements, including new game modes, an updated leaderboard, and in-game content.

The most notable highlights include:

NFL Rivals Launch with NFTs on iOS and Android:
NFL Rivals, a licensed NFL game, made its official debut on iOS and Android platforms, integrating NFT functionality for the first time. This innovation allows players to manage and own their dream NFL teams via a Web3 platform. The game leverages Google’s new blockchain policy for in-app NFT purchases. Players can obtain NFT player cards through in-game progression and purchases, significantly enhancing the gameplay experience.

Gala Games Launches Champions Arena:
Gala Games, a prominent Web3 game developer, released Champions Arena, a turn-based RPG card battler, on mobile app stores. The game, now out of beta, features a campaign mode, a diverse roster of characters, and competitive battles. The inclusion of NFTs through “Champion Boxes” ensured inclusivity for both collectors and non-NFT players.

Eternal Dragons Update:
Eternal Dragons continued its commitment to enhancing player experiences by introducing a proof of concept version of the PvE mode. This update enriched the game’s PvE elements, offering players a more immersive journey through the Eternal Dragons Saga, complete with challenges, rewards, and a sense of accomplishment. The PvE mode’s ongoing development aims to provide Dragoneers with engaging content and memorable battles.

Tearing Spaces Beta:
Tearing Spaces entered its second beta phase with various improvements, including new game modes, expanded leaderboards, and the exciting feature of forging rare weapons. Players can earn tokens and NFT rewards through the play-to-earn system, even without topping the leaderboards. The beta season offers players the chance to explore new gameplay mechanics and earn rewards.

Citizen Conflict Alpha Phase 3:
In its third alpha phase, Citizen Conflict introduced a new map and Alpha Boxes containing limited-edition NFTs. These NFTs were obtainable through different means, such as completing daily quests and participating in gameplay. Alpha 3.0 also incorporated competitive elements, such as tournament pools for both individuals and teams.

These recent developments showcase the Web3 game industry’s ongoing evolution, combining blockchain technology, NFTs, and innovative gameplay features to create engaging and inclusive gaming experiences for players.

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