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Eyeball Games Secures $1.5 Million in the Pre-seed Funding Round for Eyeball Pool

Eyeball Games Secures $1.5 Million in the Pre-seed Funding Round for Eyeball Pool

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Eyeball Games boosts the development of Eyeball Pool NFT-based Game as it secured $1.5 million funding after collaborating with Immutable.

After collaborating with Immutable, Eyeball Games, the developer of Eyeball Pool successfully raised $1.5 million in the pre-seed funding round.

The fundraising round, according to Singapore-based Eyeball Games, was headed by White Star Capital and featured participation from Polygon Ventures, Immutable, Ocular, Great South Gate Ventures, and renowned angel investors. White Star Capital invested from its Ubisoft-backed Digital Asset Fund.

8 Ball Pool Team is Behind Eyeball Pool Game

With Web3 components to improve the user experience, such as complete asset ownership, Eyeball Pool is a modernized pool game. The team behind 8 Ball Pool, the most popular pool game ever on mobile devices (over one billion downloads), is behind this game.

Eyeball Game will release Eyeball Pool game in few months. However, a closed beta test available only to owners of the game’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs) online. The first quarter of 2024 is set aside for the game’s complete mobile launch, following which the NFTs will be transformed into beginning packs filled with exclusive and one-of-a-kind game goodies.

Eyeball-Immutable Partnership

Eyeball Games will be able to considerably cut down on both the expenses and development time for the game by partnering with Immutable and utilizing their APIs. Eyeball Pool is the first of many games that will release on Immutable using the just-announced Immutable zkEVM. The platform let developers use smart contracts to include sophisticated trade and gaming elements.

The game will initially become available on the Polygon x Immutable zkEVM chain, a platform created especially for gaming. Eyeball Pool is going to be one of the first products featured on Immutable. Balldroids were successfully sold out in 30 minutes by Eyeball Pool in January 2023. However, those who dropped out will have another chance. Soon, a white list for the extended NFT series from Eyeball Pool will be live.

Jonathan Ivarsson, CEO of Eyeball Games said in a statement:

“We are delighted to gain the backing of prestigious investors for our first round of funding. We look forward to tapping into their knowledge and support to build a world-class game. It gives players true ownership of their assets and pioneers a new approach to valuation creation”.

In a statement, Eddie Lee, the managing partner of White Star Capital, said, “We feel that Web3 has so much potential to enhance gameplay experience beyond what is now feasible. We’re working with the Eyeball team to develop a game that foresees a promising future and is going to gain attention by many players.

Karsten Niemer and Thomas Elgaard, the inventors of the original 8 Ball Pool, collaborated on the new game’s design alongside Jonathan Ivarsson, the CEO of Eyeball Games. Moreover, the group agreed upon a concept for a blockchain-based competitor to 8 Ball Pool. It offers players complete asset ownership as part of innovative gaming.

Eyeball Pool Can Compete 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool managed to grab the spotlight for years and developed a dedicated user base that loves to play. 8 Ball Pool literally ruled the Billiards genre with its exciting offerings. Players can purchase cues and inventory from the coins they earn by winning the game. However, Eyeball Games surprised gamers with the expected launch of a game that will surpass 8 Ball Pool. Let’s wait and see whether the upcoming Eyeball Pool game is capable of beating the most played game in its genre. Stay tuned for endless fun as Eyeball Games predicts exciting games and exhilarating NFT collections.

Eyeball Games built Eyeball Pool from the ground up with its own physics framework and visuals in an effort to capitalize on its success in the pool ten years ago. In addition to a number of tournament formats with an AI skill-matching engine, it offers a player-versus-player option.

About Eyeball Games

The developers of 8 Ball Pool established the Singapore-based gaming firm Eyeball Games in 2022 with the support of well-known investors. The first one is Eyeball Pool. With Web3 components to improve the user experience, such as complete asset ownership, Eyeball Pool is a modernized pool game.

The $1.5 million Pre-Seed investment was led by White Star Capital. It was backed by Polygon Ventures, Immutable, Oular, Great South Gate Ventures, and others. Eyeball Games is a developer of Web3 games. The studio will first release Eyeball Pool, an early-access pass for NFTs, and make Balldroids available to NFT holders.

Eyeball Games boosts the development of Eyeball Pool NFT-based Game as it secured $1.5 million funding after collaborating with Immutable.
Eyeball Games Secures $1.5 Million in the Pre-seed Funding Round for Eyeball Pool 2

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Eyeball Games Secures $1.5 Million in the Pre-seed Funding Round for Eyeball Pool

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Eyeball Games Secures $1.5 Million in the Pre-seed Funding Round for Eyeball Pool

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