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Game Dosi x Sega: Line Next Level Web3 Fun

Game Dosi x Sega: Line Next Level Web3 Fun

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With this agreement, Line Next will get the access to use one of Sega Games’ immensely popular IPs and create Web3 game for Game Dosi

Line Next has joined forces with Sega Games to develop an immersive web3 game exclusively for the Game Dosi blockchain gaming platform. This announcement comes shortly after Sega disclose that it is reconsidering its strategy for blockchain gaming. Seongham, South Korea-based Line Next will use its NFT technology to bring one of Sega’s well-known games on the blockchain.

With this agreement, Line Next will get the access to use one of Sega’s “immensely popular” game IPs and create a Web3 game using them. As part of its intentions to spread awareness of Web3 gaming, Line Next will feature this new game on the Game Dosi platform and promote NFT creation, digital payments, and marketing initiatives.

Line Next Aims to Bring Innovation in Web3 Games with Sega

Last Monday, Sega made the announcement that it would stop creating many of its own games for Web 3. However, it would rely on outside sources, in this example Line Next.

The co-chief operating officer of Sega, Shuji Utsumi, added, “However, for most of them in the video game industry, what blockchain advocates say may sound a bit excessive, but that’s how the first penguin has always been. Never should we undervalue them. Sega also stated that it would keep making investments in the area.

Youngsu Ko, CEO of Line Next says: Line Next is pleased to be teaming up with Sega to bring some exciting gaming to the Web3 space for gamers around the world. Through this partnership, Game Dosi will provide Web3 content that anyone can easily access, including Sega fans.”

Game Dosi is a Web3 gaming platform that follows the motto “Gamer First, Web3 Next.” Six new titles have been released, including the internal game “Project GD.”

Sega Pulls Back from Blockchain Gaming

Sega Corporation, a gaming company that was previously counted among the strongest backers of blockchain gaming, is withdrawing from a market that has been severely damaged by the collapse of the global cryptocurrency business.

According to co-Chief Operating Officer Shuji Utsumi of the firm that makes Sonic The Hedgehog and Yakuza. It will refrain from using its most notable assets in independent blockchain gaming projects to prevent content from losing value. Additionally, he continued, it has put on hold its intentions to create more games in that category.

The remarks, made by a senior official at Sony Group Corp. who helped introduce the PlayStation decades ago, highlight a change at the 60-year-old company. Sega has already argued for the use of blockchain-based technology, along with rivals Square Enix Holdings Co. and Bandai Namco Holdings Inc. It believes that it can increase the appeal of games. In those days, platforms like Axie Infinity, where players may win tokens just by playing, were booming. But much of the interest was lost due to the instability of various digital currencies.

CEO Says Sega Will Rely on Line Next for Games 

Sega excludes its characters “Three Kingdoms” and “Virtual Fighter” from blockchain. However, it permits outside partners to use them for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). When the corporation first declared its intention to join the expanding NFT community in 2021, it received severe criticism. Gamers believed that crypto technology will not be suitable to the gaming environment.

Sega’s mindful approach to web3 is consistent with the perspective of the larger industry. Web3 formerly took major investment from firms like Andreessen Horowitz. However, the declining interest and challenges have caused it to lose some of its buzz. Other companies like Ubisoft Entertainment SA have reduced their spending on NFT games as well.

Apart from Line Next, Sega plans to work with a number of blockchain titles, enabling its lesser-known properties to take part. The corporation sees the technology’s potential in facilitating the movement of characters and things between other games. It will continue to invest significant funds in related initiatives. Sega is still willing to get more involved as blockchain technology develops.

Final Thoughts

Sega’s careful attitude to blockchain gaming aligns with NFTCulture’s assertion that the web3 and NFT gaming ecosystems are severely lacking in games that are fun to play. Without a focus on providing enjoyable and interesting experiences, the sector runs the risk of losing its potential.

Blockchain gaming’s success relies on finding the right combination between technology and user demand. While the combination of blockchain and NFTs opens up new possibilities for tokenization and ownership, these features should promote gameplay rather than to take center stage. Moreover, this collaboration predicts a promising future for Line Next and provide opportunities to enhance its network.

Game Dosi x Sega: Line Next Level Web3 Fun
Game Dosi x Sega: Line Next Level Web3 Fun

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Game Dosi x Sega: Line Next Level Web3 Fun

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Game Dosi x Sega: Line Next Level Web3 Fun

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