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Alien Worlds is a NFT card game where you explore new planets in search of new lifeforms. Find out about the Play-to-Earn game Alien Worlds on the WAX Blockchain! Explore six different worlds, each of which has 500 plots of land owned by the NFT. Trilium can be earned in-game, sent to Binance Smart Chain, and bet on for even better benefits. This book tells you everything you need to know to get started in the Alien Worlds metaverse.

Are you ready to start your Play-to-Earn journey in Alien Worlds and see what it has to offer? This guide will teach you how to play Alien Worlds and how to get Trilium tokens by mining on land plots owned by other players, getting NFT points, and joining Syndicates to vote on plans.

The game play in Alien Worlds is easy but exciting. Players can mine on land plots with their Shovel or other mining-related NFTs and get a small number of Trilium pieces in return. At the same time, miners get NFT points every time they mine. These points can be used to buy a rotating collection of NFTs, such as Land Plots, Tools, Minions, Avatars, and Weapons, which all live on the WAX blockchain.

Alien Worlds Review

In Alien Worlds, a person owns each piece of land. That player gets a share of the Trilium mined on their land. On top of all of this are the Syndicates, which are player-run planetary governments that can submit and vote on ideas for their planet’s Alien Worlds environment. This makes the game even more strategic and involves the whole group.

Alien Worlds is one of the older WAX games, and since it was first announced in July 2020, it has changed all the time. In October, they sold several NFTs, and in December of that same year, they sold their first and only piece of land. Soon after the land was sold, people could start mining on land plots. Since then, the team has been slowly and steadily improving their website and adding new features. Alien Worlds is part of the Blockchain Games Alliance, a group of game creators and players who want to see more blockchain-based games made and played.

In Alien Worlds, all you need is a free Shovel, which is given to every new player when they sign up. But the return is very low, so to make more money, it should be used as a way to manage money. You will need to buy Trilium tokens, and the amount you spend depends on how much you want to risk. In Alien Worlds, there are three ways to get Trilium: mining on land plots, passive income from holding land, and staking on Binance Smart Chain, which has been made into a game.

So, why don’t you just do it? In Alien Worlds, you can join the group, explore the universe, and earn Trilium right now.

It’s a fun way to learn about astronomy and space exploration. About Alien Worlds, if you have ever been a fan of space travel and have daydreamed about intergalactic quests then this NFT game is the one for you. This app accumulated over 3.3 million users in a matter of 5 months from its launch.

Moreover this “Defi Metaverse” is a free-to-play game for all users, all you have to do is create a WAX Cloud Wallet, log into the servers and start playing. On the Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains, Alien Worlds is an NFT-centric metaverse. Exploration and mining are the main themes of the game. It allows players to own land, fight wars with minions, gather tools and avatars, and earn cryptocurrency.

You play as an adventurer in the year 2055, your aim is to travel across the metaverse, visit many worlds, and mine Trillium. Each time you mine, you can earn Trillium (TLM) and have a chance to obtain an NFT game card.

But the game is not as straightforward as one may think, one requires strategy and careful allocation of resources to make a profit. The tools you obtain or buy have levels and these levels will determine how profitable your mining is and how likely you are to find the rare stuff.

Alien Worlds is built on numerous gameplay pillars, including exploration and the aforementioned trading card activities. It also has advanced DAOs with elections, council candidates, and community treasure distributions. The NFTs include everything from land and tools to minions, weapons, avatars, and more. In order to establish their value, the NFTs are all given rarity ratings.


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Best Game Review – Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a game where you explore new planets in search of new lifeforms. It’s a fun way to learn about astronomy and space exploration.

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