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Aqua Farm is an Adventure RPG based on blockchain technology and is built on Polygon Network, with a Play-to-Earn Mechanism.

Aqua Farm is a blockchain-based Adventure RPG game that follows a play-to-earn structure. It will be available on Android, iOS, and PC, and is built on the Polygon blockchain network, which is based on Ethereum Layer 2. Players will be able to explore the vast ocean of Aqua World alongside their Aree and strengthen them through various quests and adventures. As players’ Aree grow stronger, they will unlock more challenging quests and dungeons that offer greater rewards. By participating in various gameplays, players can earn Power Of Deep Ocean (PODO) tokens, which can be used to farm and stake Aree Shards (AES) tokens. These tokens can then be used to purchase Aree NFTs and Guardian NFTs that can assist in gameplay.

Aqua Farm is a Play-to-Earn Adventure RPG game based on blockchain technology, built on the Polygon Network. It is accessible on major mobile platforms and desktops. Players will navigate the vast ocean of Aqua World and grow stronger with their Aree as they explore, survive, and fight through various adventures and quests. Moreover, the stronger their Aree, the more lucrative rewards and challenging quests will become available.

The story begins when a monster invades Aqua World, where humans and various kinds of magical creatures coexist peacefully under the protection of the mystical World Tree. Due to the invasion of monsters, Aqua World’s blessed $PODO began to be plundered. The World Tree sacrificed AES, its source of power, to create a giant barrier to protect Aqua World from the invaders but as time went on, the barrier began to grow weaker and weaker. So now, With the help of the sea fairy ‘Aree’ and the sea guardian ‘Guardian’, mankind embarks on an adventure to regain World peace and the stolen $PODO.

Aqua Farm Game Review

Aqua Farm has inspiration by Axie Infinity and Pokémon, and aims to provide a more sustainable P2E game.


Aree are ocean fairies that are born near the world tree and stay with the player in a space called ‘Oasis’. Also, each player starts with a regular item type Aree (Rumi) at the beginning of the game. The regular item type Aree has some limitations such as not being able to grade up, sell, or make transactions between players. However, players can level up their Aree and acquire battle rewards.

Guardian NFT

Guardians are creatures that serve as protectors of the ocean in Aqua World and are usable as transport for players. In addition, the players are given a ‘Whale’, which is a type of Guardian, at the start of the game that can be used to freely explore and play the game.


A Farm in Aqua Farm is a designated section of the vast ocean that contains PODOs, which can be used for staking. However, it is also a frequent target for monster attacks. Moreover, players who own Farm NFTs are responsible for managing and protecting their designated area to earn rewards from it.


Aqua Farm is an Adventure RPG based on blockchain technology that offers players a choice of battles or non-battle activities. The game is built on Polygon Network and offers infinite scalability with an expanding universe of maps and tiles. Furthermore, it contains different game content, farms, and dungeons. Moreover, the game has a turn-based idle battle system approach inspired by Axie Infinity and Pokémon, and players can engage in autonomous market economy through the in-game marketplace.



The Aree Shards (AES) token has an important role as both the main monetary and governance token in Aqua Farm. It is designed to reward and incentivize players and token holders as a fixed deflationary token.


PODO is another token used in Aqua Farm’s play-to-earn reward system. Unlike AES, it has an infinite supply, and its total number increases with the number of players. This inflationary mechanism helps maintain a stable price for PODO, ensuring a sustainable game ecosystem.


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Best Game Review – Aqua Farm

Aqua Farm was inspired by Axie Infinity and Pokémon, and aims to provide a more sustainable P2E game with elaborate token economics. Aqua Farm is an Adventure RPG based on blockchain technology that offers players a choice of battles or non-battle activities to earn PODO tokens. Above all, the game is built on Polygon Network and offers infinite scalability with an expanding universe of maps and tiles containing different game content, farms, and dungeons. Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of Aqua Farm, a thrilling Adventure RPG game that takes you on a journey through the depths of the ocean! With its unique play-to-earn structure, you can turn your gaming hobby into a lucrative venture. Aqua Farm is built on the cutting-edge Polygon blockchain network, powered by Ethereum Layer 2 technology. It offers seamless gameplay across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and PC.

Aqua Farm

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