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Wemade, a well-known company in the gaming industry, created “Barbarian Merge,” a play-to-earn blockchain game. The game is based on the WEMIX platform and allows players to earn real rewards through gameplay. In “Barbarian Merge,” players merge different elements together to create powerful barbarians, which they can then use to battle other players in order to climb the leaderboards and earn rewards. The game offers a unique blend of strategy and collectible elements, and its association with Wemade gives it a strong foundation in the competitive blockchain gaming market.

Barbarian Merge Story Prologue

In Barbarian Merge, players can earn rewards by defeating demons and advancing their character through the game. The game is set in a chaotic world where the gates to hell have been opened, and players must navigate through this dangerous environment as a powerful barbarian. As they defeat demons and acquire new tools, they can increase their strength and progress through the game. The WEMIX platform powers the game, and its integration into the Wemade brand gives it support in the blockchain market.

In “Barbarian Merge,” players control a barbarian character as they journey through a fantasy world filled with demons and other monsters. The goal is to defeat these enemies and acquire powerful weapons and equipment to make the barbarian character stronger. The game features charming pixel art graphics and offers a unique playstyle that helps players become fully immersed in the experience. Additionally, the Wemade company supports the game and hosts it on the WEMIX platform, which lays a solid foundation for success in the blockchain gaming market.

The Element of Merge in the Game

In essence, “Barbarian Merge” debuted the format of a merge game that joins objects of the same shape. The player can create equipment using the items they’ve amassed after vanquishing the monsters. A piece of equipment with a higher tier is creatable by synthesizing equipment of the same tier. Players can also learn a variety of skills that they can use to gain strength and slay demons more quickly.

A variety of game modes are available to players, including a story mode where they can level up your barbarian. Players can fight the large demons in a raid format. Players can compete against other users in a PVP mode. Other mini-games include a board game where you can buy more things and a timing action game where you can upgrade your tools.

The developers are also hosting a number of events. Along with the launch, a “dice game” is available, allowing you to more easily obtain the commodities that can strengthen the barbarian. Additionally, an “attendance event” will be held, allowing players to log in daily and acquire different goods and items.

The game is live since April of this year and will rapidly grow in popularity if the team can address their communities concerns. It already has over 100K downloads already and more players are joining the game every day.


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