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Chains Of The Eternals pioneers the DeFi realm with its open-world MMORPG, blending DeFi innovations with captivating gameplay on par with conventional MMORPGs.

COTE emerges as an open-world MMORPG, firmly rooted in blockchain technology, promising players a decentralized and distinctive gaming journey. In crafting this virtual realm, inspiration was drawn from iconic predecessors like Dofus and World Of Warcraft. The game unites time-tested gaming elements with the best offerings of DeFi. Also, cutting-edge technology including ECDSA encryption and anti-bot measures, safeguards the gaming experience, promising a cheat-free, bot-free environment, as players are unable to utilize smart contracts to bypass in-game mechanics, ensuring an enjoyable and enduring adventure within this innovative MMO.

Chains of the Eternals Review

As players delve into COTE’s universe, they’ll encounter isometric 3D graphics and a unique visual style fusing technology. What truly sets COTE apart is its integration of blockchain, infusing traditional MMORPGs with the potential for monetary rewards. Within this expansive world, adventurers can engage in a spectrum of activities. From challenging PVE and PVP encounters to embarking on quests, crafting, and harvesting resources, all with the promise of valuable rewards and sought-after loot. Moreover, by placing the power of the blockchain in the hands of players and eliminating centralized authorities, COTE ushers in a novel era of MMORPGs that holds the potential to redefine the genre.


In this groundbreaking multiplayer endeavor, the MMO landscape undergoes a radical transformation. It has the capacity to host millions of players concurrently, allowing for over 10 participants per session. Here, the conventional MMO server structure is replaced by an innovative blockchain system, effectively turning each player’s device into a server. This pioneering shift guarantees true ownership of characters and NFT assets, safeguarding them from server failures or shutdowns while maintaining the uniqueness of each player’s server. Moreover, set against a captivating isometric 3D backdrop, players explore a diverse realm featuring 10 character classes, four elemental power sources, and loyal pet companions, embarking on quests within a vast metaverse ripe for exploration.

The game introduces two currencies: $XO, the in-game currency, and COTE, the governance token. Players can earn $XO through various means,. They include PVE and PVP battles, quest completion, crafting, and resource harvesting, ultimately exchangeable for COTE. PVE adventures unfold across 15 distinct zones, yielding resources, unique items, and $XO, while PVP and faction battles allow players to stake their in-game currency for additional rewards. Quests provide further riches, and crafting professions, along with resource gathering, contribute to COTE earnings. $XO, a limited in-game currency, serves diverse purposes, from trading to NPC interactions, job tool acquisition, and more.

The ecosystem is designed to ensure fairness, with all in-game transactions conducted in $XO. Players can also engage in an NFT rental economy through sponsorship or the L&B protocol, where scholars lend NFTs to beneficiaries, sharing in-game earnings. Game seasons, unlocked via subscriptions payable in $XO, inject currency into the ecosystem while enhancing gameplay.


$COTE, the game’s governance token, embodies real-world value and deflationary design. Users stake $COTE LP tokens to earn a share of blockchain-specific fees. $XO serves as the game’s utility token.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Chains of The Eternals (COTE) MMORPG

1. What is Chains of The Eternals (COTE)?

Chains of The Eternals, or COTE, is an open-world Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that merges blockchain technology with traditional MMORPG elements. It offers players a decentralized gaming experience with the potential for monetary rewards.

2. How does COTE differ from other MMORPGs?

COTE stands out by integrating blockchain technology, allowing players to earn real-world value while playing. It also eliminates traditional server structures, ensuring true ownership of characters and NFT assets. This unique blend of gameplay and blockchain sets it apart from conventional MMORPGs.

3. What kind of graphics and visual style does COTE offer?

COTE features isometric 3D graphics with a distinctive visual style that combines technology and fantasy elements, creating a visually captivating gaming experience.

4. How does COTE ensure a cheat-free environment?

COTE employs cutting-edge technology, including ECDSA encryption and anti-bot measures, to safeguard the gaming experience. Players are unable to use smart contracts to bypass in-game mechanics, ensuring a fair and enjoyable environment.

5. What activities can players engage in within the game?

Players can embark on a wide range of activities in COTE, including PVE and PVP battles, quests, crafting, and resource harvesting. These activities offer valuable rewards and sought-after loot.

6. What are the in-game currencies in COTE?

COTE has two in-game currencies: $XO and COTE. Players can earn $XO through various activities and exchange it for COTE. $XO is a limited in-game currency used for trading, NPC interactions, acquiring job tools, and more.

7. Can players earn real-world value through COTE?

Yes, players can potentially earn real-world value by participating in the game’s ecosystem. They can stake $COTE LP tokens to earn a share of blockchain-specific fees, and $XO transactions allow players to engage in an NFT rental economy.

8. How does the game’s governance token, $COTE, work?

$COTE is designed with real-world value and a deflationary mechanism. Users can stake $COTE LP tokens to earn a portion of blockchain-specific fees. It plays a vital role in the game’s ecosystem.

9. Is COTE available for all platforms?

COTE is a multiplayer game that aims to accommodate millions of players simultaneously. It utilizes an innovative blockchain system, effectively turning each player’s device into a server. As such, it can be accessed on various platforms, including PCs and mobile devices.

10. How can I get involved in the COTE community?

To join the COTE community and stay updated, you can visit the official website, join forums and social media channels, and participate in discussions with other players and enthusiasts. Additionally, you can explore the game’s ecosystem and discover ways to get involved in its unique features.


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