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Citizen Conflict Game - Game Review

Citizen Conflict Game: Play and Earn in Dystopian Sci-fi Team-based Shooter Blockchain Game. 

Citizen Conflict is an RPG metaverse-based game set in a futuristic ecosystem set on the ETHER Island also known as Dystopian city with a variety of different gameplay. It is a promising free-to-play, play-to-earn, AAA game Citizen Conflict. The game is built on Unreal Engine 5, a team-based third-person shooter game.

Citizen Conflict Game Overview

The game is set in the year 2101 and has a completely futuristic landscape, which kind of reminds us of the very popular Cyberpunk2077. Ether Island or Dystopian city has a total of 10 districts within it. The Earth is now known as planet Terra and it has a unified government that rules over the entire planet as a whole. The Unified government came into power and adopted some very strict measures in order to save the Earth from ecological disaster.

They have made a robot and human contact prohibited in hopes of creating a more nature-friendly lifestyle, with less materialism and scarcity. These rules led to the formation of a powerful resistance group that demanded a separate land where they had complete freedom. This led to the creation of ETHER Island. Anyone who wishes to live a life of power struggle and chaos can choose to live there.

District 10

The largest and most desolate of all the locations on Ether Island is District 10, which is located on the outskirts of the Island. Outerlands life is basically miserable. Those few helpless individuals who got stuck here spend their entire lives working in mines. They barely make enough money to get by on some repulsive synthetic food. The Korpo syndicate is the owner of the mines. Here, metals are extracted primarily, and D7's facilities process those metals. Almost everyone in this place despises it, and they will do anything to improve their standing and leave this sweltering, lonesome hell. And all it takes to accomplish that is to lie, deceive, abuse, and, if necessary, commit murder.

Each district has its own unique landscape and story.

How to Play Citizen Conflict?

The game is made free to play and free to earn for everyone. Moreover, the game is an open-world experience where you can complete stories, play as a shooter, drag race, and compete in PvP-based street fights. The in-game token $CCASH serves as the mode for rewards and all in-game transactions.

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Best Game Review - Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict Game: Play and Earn in Dystopian Sci-fi Team-based Shooter Blockchain Game, it is a promising free-to-play, play-to-earn, AAA game Citizen Conflict.

Citizen Conflict

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Citizen Conflict: Game Review

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Citizen Conflict Game: Play and Earn in Dystopian Sci-fi Team-based Shooter Blockchain Game, it is a promising free-to-play, play-to-earn, AAA game Citizen Conflict.

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