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Colonize Mars is a blockchain simulation that is powered by WAX. It combines strategy, exploration, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to make an exciting game about starting a life on Mars.

Colonize Mars is a dynamic blockchain simulation game where players use their NFTs to go on a journey of managing resources, exploring, and playing mini-games that test their skills. With a simulation that keeps going and changes in Mars time, you can make your own path. You can also choose to become a famous Martian explorer who leads expeditions and makes discoveries that change the world.

Colonize Mars Review

Climb the leaderboards for exploration, earn special achievements, and make your mark on Martian history. Master the science and economics of running a Mars colony by taking care of resources that change depending on what the player does and what random things happen. Collect rare NFT cards, gather up resource tokens, and become a well-known colony manager. You can also buy land plots, build outposts with other people, and make your own oasis on Mars. You can also join forces with other players, build buildings and vehicles, and change the way your items look. There are no limits to what can be done, and we encourage players to try out new strategies. Also, as the game goes on in Martian time, new opportunities open up, giving new players a chance to help the colony grow and get new items.


In the not-too-distant future of the early 2030s, the exciting world of a colonized Mars comes to life. In this immersive game, the Interplanetary Space Alliance (ISA) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) whose goal is to explore space. Colonize Mars shows a made-up but possible future for the aerospace industry, driven by the disruptive power of decentralized technology as it tries to build a self-sustaining city on Mars. The game shows how DAOs could be used to speed up industries like aerospace, bringing humanity closer to ambitious goals like exploring Mars.


In the game Colonize Mars, resource tokens represent goods, commodities, and services on the red planet. The $MARTIA token is the backbone of the virtual economy and makes transactions possible within the game. It also lets players get NFT cards, upgrades, resources, and land plots, all of which make the game better.

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Best Game Review – Colonize Mars

Rise in the exploration leaderboards, unlock exclusive achievements, and leave a mark in Martian history. Alternatively, master the science and economics of operating a Mars colony, managing resources influenced by player decisions and random hazards. Amass resource tokens, collect rare NFT cards and establish yourself as a respected colony manager. You can also acquire land plots, collaborate with others to develop outposts and create your own oasis on Mars. Additionally, forge alliances, construct buildings and vehicles, and customize your items. The possibilities are endless, and we encourage players to explore unique strategies. Moreover, as the game progresses in Martian time, new opportunities arise, allowing newer players to contribute to the colony’s growth and acquire future items.

Colonize Mars

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