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“CryptoFights” is a game that utilizes the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, which is known for its transparency and security. The use of the BSV blockchain is a significant change in blockchain technology, as it offers a level of transparency and security that is not found in other blockchains.

This is likely to be attractive to players who value security and want to ensure that their in-game assets and transactions are protected. The use of the BSV blockchain also allows “CryptoFights” to offer unique gameplay features and mechanics that are not possible on other blockchains.

“CryptoFights” is a single-player role-playing game that combines elements of esports and 3D battles. In the game, players battle each other in one-on-one fights in a 1v1 gaming mode. Each battle consists of a single fighting round, and ends when one of the player’s energy points reaches zero. The game’s focus on one-on-one battles and its use of 3D graphics and gameplay mechanics are likely to appeal to players who enjoy competitive and immersive gaming experiences.

CryptoFights Gameplay

In “CryptoFights,” single-player battle challenges are free to play, but players must have cash to participate in tournaments. At the start of the game, players have a basic level of power and can only participate in certain gaming modes. As players participate in and win battles, they receive gold that they can use to purchase items and weapons in the game’s marketplace. These items and weapons can be used to strengthen the character’s specifications and attributes, allowing them to become more powerful and capable of participating in more challenging gaming modes. Overall, “CryptoFights” offers a competitive and immersive gameplay experience that is likely to appeal to many players.

“CryptoFights” is developed on the Kronoverse software, which enables in-game tokenization, blockchain technology, permanently stored game data, and broadcasting. The game is developed by Fyx gaming studio, which is a pioneer in crypto gaming titles. The developers at Fyx chose the BSV blockchain for its speed and ability to handle simultaneous transactions (over 50,000 per second). “CryptoFights” is based on fair competitive gameplay, meaning that all players have an equal opportunity and cannot gain an unfair advantage or buy their way onto the leaderboard. The use of the CFS token is necessary for the in-game economy and allows players to participate in tournaments and win rewards. Overall, “CryptoFights” is a game that values decentralization and fairness, and is likely to appeal to players who want a transparent and honest gaming experience.


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