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Dimension X is a strategic role-playing game made by Crypthulu studios on the Flow blockchain. It is set in the exciting world of comic books and has both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn features.

Dimension X lets players get lost in a world that is always changing and is based on the exciting world of comic books. In this strategic role-playing game, a terrible event has set free beings with superpowers and special skills. These skills are shared by humans, aliens, and monsters. Use NFT heroes to fight villains, level up, and join a faction in tough competitions. As a Play-to-Earn game on the Flow blockchain, players can earn tokens like the $DMX token to make new heroes. Also, players can go on a heroic journey and earn exciting rewards by using a combination of Sidekicks that are free to use and generative heroes. By releasing the power of Element X, you can find out how much Dimension X’s universe can do.

Dimension X Review

In the game, NFT heroes are the main characters, and players can go on Quests together or against each other. The action takes place on a 3×3 grid, where the heroes place themselves strategically to form strong teams. Each grid tile has buffs and debuffs that change how heroes use their skills and how damage is calculated. Heroes can be killed to help other NFT heroes get better, which can lead to big gains. Every hero has three random Powers, and each one has a different rank. All of a hero’s abilities—Fire, Ice, Blade, Bug, Magic, Radiation, and Tech—can make them do more damage, with the rank increasing the bonus per level. Depending on the power rank, powers change how buffs and debuffs are used during battles and how the NFT hero looks. As you play the game and win battles, you’ll be able to level up your heroes, which will make them do more damage at the start.

Heroes earn experience points (XP) during quests by hurting enemies. Since XP is based on how much damage a hero does, players have an incentive to put together the best teams to do the most damage as a whole. Also, heroes get more XP when they are put in strategic positions that are good for them. For quests, players have to bet their Hero NFTs. Heroes who have been staked can switch between quests whenever they want. After a hero finishes a quest, they leave the area, but they stay staked and ready for their next adventure.


DMX is a game that has both “free to play” and “pay to win” parts. At launch, players can use $DMX to make new heroes. These heroes can only be earned by playing well and moving up the leaderboards. Even lower-ranking players get a small amount of $DMX, which makes it possible for Free-to-Play players who want to make new NFT Heroes to work toward that goal. Also, this system encourages active participation and gives all players the same chances to unlock NFT Heroes based on how well they play.

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Best Game Review – Dimension X

Dimension X invites players to explore a dynamic and ever-changing world set in the thrilling comic book universe. In this strategic role-playing game, a cataclysmic event has unleashed super-powered beings with extraordinary abilities. These abilities range from humans to aliens and monsters. Utilize NFT heroes to combat villains, level up, and align with factions in intense competitions. As a Play-to-Earn game on the Flow blockchain, players can earn tokens, including $DMX token, to mint new heroes. Moreover, with a mix of freely available Sidekicks and generative heroes, players can embark on their heroic journey and unlock exciting rewards. Additionally, unleash the power of Element X and discover the limitless potential of Dimension X’s immersive universe.

Dimension X

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