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Dimensionals is the latest game from Mino Games. It is a blockchain-based NFT RPG with both free-to-play and pay-to-own options.

Dimensionals is a new kind of NFT-based RPG that puts players right into the world of WEB3 gaming. In this one-of-a-kind virtual world, you can explore different dimensions, each with its own heroes and paths. In an interesting twist, players can keep their heroes on the blockchain forever as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Mino Games made this blockchain game by combining Pokemon and Marvel superheroes in a way that works well. Mino Games already has a large group of gamers who are also interested in cryptocurrency.

Dimensionals Review

When Dimensionals come out, this community is going to reach new heights. Mino Games says that users who sign up for their “whitelist” on their website will get special perks. They give you early access to game content and alpha stages, enrollment in a whitelist for future collections, and access to Discord that no one else has. In Dimensionals, the combination of web3 gaming and NFTs opens the door to an exciting gaming universe that is sure to keep players from all over the world interested.

Since ancient times, the Genesis Stones have been the most powerful things in the Dimensionals multiverse. They have decided how it was made and what it will become. Also, these relics are sleeping, hidden in cultures all over the multiverse, waiting to be found and turned on. Stone can only be used by people with power, the chosen heroes who are tasked with going between dimensions to protect the multiverse. Also, this kind of activation is dangerous because the stones’ great power attracts a kind of evil that is cruel, unyielding, and patient. Future Dimensionals should be aware that it can be dangerous to find and use a Dimensional Stone, because some battles can tear reality apart.


With this launch, the startup wants to create an ecosystem that is driven by the community. The Free-to-Own model will reward users for being active participants. After a bear market in 2021, the value of NFTs is growing again, especially in the metaverse and blockchain gaming markets. As mobile apps become more popular, people are moving away from computer games and toward mobile games. Guild of Guardians, a highly sought-after mobile blockchain game that sold more than $273K in NFT characters, is a good example of this trend. In the end, mobile blockchain games are likely to have a big impact on how the Web3 develops in the future. Mino Games CEO Sasha Mackinnon wants to combine Pokemon and Marvel in a way that has never been done before. This would give players access to a lot of superheroes from different dimensions.

Using blockchain technology, the company wants to make a type of game that is fun, exciting, and interactive. The main goal of Dimensionals is to make games that are fun and can be played on all platforms. As their first venture into cryptocurrency, the game will be about collecting characters. Players will be able to own exclusive in-game characters and get rewards for doing different things in the game.


Genesis Dimensional Stones and other small digital currencies like Guild coins, Lab coins, Challenger coins, and Heroes coins are used to run the game.

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Best Game Review – Dimensionals

The Genesis Stones hold unparalleled power in the Dimensionals multiverse, dictating its formation and destiny since ancient times. Moreover, these relics remain dormant, concealed within civilizations throughout the multiverse, awaiting discovery and activation. Only those possessing power can activate stone, the chosen heroes tasked with traversing dimensions to safeguard the multiverse. Yet, such activation comes with grave risks, as a malevolent corruption lurks, drawn to the stones’ immense power – vicious, unyielding, and patient. A cautionary note to future Dimensionals: finding and activating a Dimensional Stone bears peril, for some battles could unravel reality itself.


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