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Econia is a unique business simulator that combines idle, tycoon, and city-building elements in a way that works well. Fans of business tycoon and management simulator games who have been waiting for a real MMO with mechanics from their favorite games will love this game. Other games have tried to add a multiplayer twist to similar gameplay, but none of them have been successful until now. Econia is a game that takes blockchain gaming to a completely new level.

To do well in Econia, players must start their own businesses, help them grow, and get other people to invest in them. They have to take care of their current customers and find new ones, buy and sell goods, and manage their staff. Aside from these tasks, players also have to compete with their neighbors and other players on the map.

One of the most interesting things about Econia is that other players have a big effect on the world you live in. Since the economy of Econia is like the economy of the real world, what other players do can have a direct effect on how well you do. A single decision can change the way an opponent’s business does, which makes the game even more exciting and hard to predict.

The market for cryptocurrency games is already full, and there are many hits and misses. But Econia looks like it will be a big hit. The developers made a business simulation MMO that has both free-to-play and “play-to-earn” parts. Econia is a good game to try out because it has blockchain-powered rewards and tokenomics, which will appeal to a wide range of online gamers.

Compete against other players in weekly competitions and win NEUT tokens!

In Econia, you have to develop your city business: craft resources, build neighborhoods, and think over an economic strategy. The game has attracted more than 30,000 players who trust the project. Start playing Econia now and build your crypto future!

Econia Game Review

Game’s Highlighted Features

  1. Competitions

Participate in weekly competitions and win crypto tokens!

  1. Play-to-Earn

Upgrade your city, complete orders and get crypto tokens!

  1. NFT quarters

Buy and merge unique NFT blocks that can be integrated into your city

  1. Craft

Think over your economic strategy and produce the most demanded resources!

Play Mode

  1. City building

In this mode, you have to develop your city, craft resources, build and improve quarters, fulfill orders.

  1. Competitions

Weekly competitions take place in Econia every week.

During this event, you will compete with other players in completing orders for resources.

TOP 3 users from the leaderboard will receive NEUT crypto tokens

Play to Earn Model

In Econia you can earn in several ways

  1. Win NEUT token during weekly competitions. You can sell the NEUT you win on the market.
  2. Buy NFT quarters. Unique NFT quarters with good characteristics will help you win competitions more often and earn more NEUT tokens. You can also resell your unique NFT quarter to another player and get your profit.
  3. In the future, we will also introduce seasonal competitions where you can win ECON tokens.
  4. A referral system will also be added, where you can earn on the invitations of your friend.

IDO Schedule 

The IDO of our tokens will take place during April  on Uniswap. 

We will have two swaps. 



Token Information

Basic Metrics (Optional) 



Token Utilities

NEUT – is a native token and has unlimited emission. NEUT can be earned in-game as a reward for competitions and then withdrawn to a wallet in the market.

ECON – is a token with limited emission that is used as a governance token. This token is often used in out-of-game activities to pay for all transactions on the blockchain. The total supply of the governance token, ECONS, is 1 billion tokens.


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Best Game Review – Econia

Introducing Econia – the ultimate business simulator that takes blockchain gaming to a new level. Manage your business, grow it, and compete with other players on the map. Join now to experience the perfect combination of idle, tycoon, and city-building elements.


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