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Era7: Game of Truth is a trading card game based on the blockchain. Players can earn ERA and GOT tokens by collecting NFT cards and playing the game on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Era7: Game of Truth stands out because it is a cutting-edge virtual trading card game built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It was inspired by popular TCG games like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. It combines strategy and combat in a unique way, making for a fun and immersive gaming experience. The game makes a virtual world that is separate from the real world and has its own rules, digital items, and social interactions. Era7 creates a GameFi experience by combining DeFi, blockchain technology, and the thriving NFT market. The trading cards themselves act as valuable NFTs and have the potential to increase in value. With its self-sustaining economy, players have the chance to earn real money and are free to take it out whenever they want.

Era7: Game of Truth Review

In Era7: Game of Truth, the story is about the many different kinds of people who live on the Continent of Truth. These races live together and compete for the honorable title of “King of Truth.” Each race has special, talented people who go through tough training at the Summoner Academy. They become Summoners when they graduate, and then they go on a journey to make Summoning Pacts. They make deals with powerful beings from the seven races to work together. At the center of the continent, the final battle for the title of “King of Truth” takes place. Not only did the winner get an important title, but their race also got the highest honors in the land.


Era7: Game of Truth lets players fight in exciting battles in both PvE and PvP modes. For these game modes, players need to have NFT cards and build their decks. There are seven forces in the game: Inferno, Frozen Necropolis, Academy of Mysteries, Roughrock Weald, Pirate Bay, Zen Valley, and Empire of Light. Each force has its own master and battle cards. Master cards show how a player’s character has special skills, while battle cards are summoned creatures and spells during a game.

To summon battle cards, you have to seal master cards, and the number of summons depends on how rare the master card is. When the maximum number of summons has been used up, ERA or GOT tokens can be used instead. You can improve battle cards by combining cards that are the same. Higher levels require more cards.


Players can get ERA and GOT tokens by taking part in different game modes, which gives them access to in-game benefits. ERA tokens make it easier to buy Era Boxes and take part in the market. GOT tokens, on the other hand, are needed to summon and improve battle cards.

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Best Game Review – Era7: Game of Truth

In Era7: Game of Truth, the storyline revolves around the diverse races inhabiting the Continent of Truth. These races coexist and compete with one another to claim the prestigious title of “King of Truth.” Each race possesses unique and gifted individuals who undergo rigorous training at the Summoner Academy. Upon graduation, they become Summoners and embark on a journey to forge Summoning Pacts. They form alliances with powerful entities from the seven races. The ultimate battle for the title of “King of Truth” occurs at the heart of the continent. The victor earned not only the esteemed title but also granted their race the highest honors in the land.

Era7: Game of Truth

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