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Farming Tales combines non-fungible tokens and farming to make a game where you can play to earn money by farming.

Farming Tales is a game that mixes NFTs, farming, and the idea of “play to earn.” The game’s creators made it because small farmers and business owners were having a hard time during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this new experience, players get their own farms in the vast lands of New Waxchester County, which are at the center of the rural metaverse. With NFTs, players can improve and grow their properties, which are different parts of their farms and assets. Collectibles can be sold as they are or turned into better items that can be sold in New Waxchester’s town shops for a profit.

Farming Tales Review

Farming Tales has a lot of farms to choose from, like two in Italy that make honey and saffron and one in Tenerife that grows hemp. The goal of the game is to connect small farmers and business owners around the world. Farming Tales players own real farm assets and get a share of the real product’s yield, like honey from beehives. Also, NFTs can make farms produce more, and the crops they grow can be sent to players. Players can also give sales to the development team and get at least a 20% return on their investment (ROI). For ownership, you have to finish the seasonal NFT collection, like the Beekeeper’s collection for the Honey Season.

These sets have ten tools with different themes that look like real farm tools. Through the Farming Tales auction, you can get the last and most important tool. When you use seasonal tools, you create a new NFT that gives you ownership of specific assets, like beehives that make 1 kilogram of honey and give you 20 production slots. People who own hives can also charge other people to use them.


At the center of the Farming Tales metaverse is the main currency, $SEST, which is used to control all productive activities in New Waxchester, such as selling products, improving assets, and buying animals or plants. In New Waxchester, players can make $SEST by selling raw farm products or making them better. The second token, CBIT, is used to pay for goods and other benefits in-world. CBIT is needed to buy water and food for farm animals and gardens so that they can stay alive. AUREUS is a limited token that can only be given to 21,000,000 people. It will be given to metaverse users slowly over the course of ten years.

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Best Game Review – Farming Tales

Farming Tales is a groundbreaking game that merges non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and agriculture, introducing a play-to-earn farming simulator. The game aims to address the challenges faced by small farmers and entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Players are immersed in a virtual world where they own and manage their own farms in New Waxchester County. By utilizing NFTs, players can improve and develop their farms using different assets. The crops and products harvested can be sold as raw materials or transformed into high-value goods, which can then be sold in the town shops of New Waxchester. Farming Tales revolutionizes gaming by combining real-world farming elements with the potential for earning rewards through gameplay.

Farming Tales offers a diverse range of farms, including two in Italy for honey and saffron production, and one in Tenerife for hemp cultivation. The game’s goal is to expand its network and involve global small farmers and entrepreneurs. Players in Farming Tales possess real farm assets, earning a share of the actual product’s yield, like honey from beehives. Moreover, NFTs can boost production on the real farm, with harvested products delivered to players. Alternatively, players can delegate sales to the development team, receiving at least 20% ROI. Ownership requires completing the seasonal NFT collection, such as the Beekeeper’s collection for the Honey Season.

Farming Tales

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