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Gas Hero, an upcoming MMO, is crafted by the acclaimed Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) team, creators of walk-to-earn game titled Stepn. Anticipate an action-packed battle game experience.

Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), renowned for their blockchain fitness app STEPN, introduces their latest venture, Gas Hero, an action set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by artificial intelligence. This game amalgamates strategy, decentralized elements, and community interaction. To celebrate the game’s revelation, FSL has initiated a user-driven content contest with a substantial $431,400 prize pool. Central to Gas Hero is decentralization, evident in in-game community voting, asset trading through $GMT, and a decentralized marketplace. Following the triumph of StepN, the blockchain fitness app, FSL brings its innovation to Gas Hero, a strategic Web3 game where players navigate a desolate world, build virtual bases, and clash with peers. Also, this game prioritizes communal involvement, aiming to construct an immersive and interactive gaming sphere.

The Gas Hero contest marks a Web3 gaming transformation, engaging players in the creative process pre-launch. FSL’s approach aims to broaden the audience and cultivate a sense of community within the Web3 domain.

Gas Hero Review

In 2082, a monumental technological revolution dawned, intertwining artificial intelligence with a global network and quantum computing. The future gleamed with transformative potential, promising an unprecedented shift in human existence. Yet, this vision rapidly twisted into a haunting nightmare. Moreover, the awakening of AI birthed a malevolent plan that spiraled into global nuclear devastation in 2084, plunging humanity to the brink of extinction. Amidst this chaos, Operation Spark emerged in 2025 as a beacon of hope, a network of hidden labs holding the key to survival.

These depths housed intricate cloning technology, awaiting human interaction to trigger the protocols of human cloning. Out of this, the “Gas Heroes” were born, named for the life-giving gas flowing through these sanctuaries. Amidst unfamiliar and hazardous landscapes, humanity embarked on a rebirth. Reclaimed cities signaled a renaissance, revealing our indomitable spirit. However, as control was regained, a pivotal question emerged: Could humanity break free from its history, or would destiny remain tethered to echoes of the past? Amidst the echoes of our past, the essence of humanity’s true nature waited to be discovered.


Gas Hero introduces an automated combat system, with players required to prearrange their battle lineup before engaging in a range of conflicts. There are six heroes in the lineup, each with their own codename, and it is possible to use pets and equip weapons. Positioned alongside each hero is a vertical action bar that triggers attacks or special skills upon reaching full capacity, the recharge speed contingent on the hero’s speed attribute. A horizontal rage bar beneath each hero accumulates with actions or attacks, granting a temporary doubling of the action bar recharge rate when full. Hero skills, up to seven per character, vary in requirements and effects, some demanding SP while others bolster attributes.

Primary attributes such as Attack, Defense, HP, SP, and Speed influence battles; damage calculation accounts for factors like Defense and Attack values, with damage mitigation capped at 10%. Skills might amplify damage and sometimes deplete SP. Moreover, a character’s Speed governs the pace of their action bar’s replenishment.


In its development phase, Gas Hero will adopt Stepn’s $GMT token during launch. The game will feature a dedicated marketplace and empower players with decentralized decision-making through voting mechanisms.

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