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Genopets is the world’s first move to earn an NFT game that lets you make assets while having fun and staying fit.

Your digital pet resembles and resonates according to your personality. Moreover, it evolves with its user depending upon the daily activity the user does. So, your digital pet’s destiny depends on you and how you stay active to direct it to unlock its true potential.

Genopets runs on the Solana blockchain with a move to earn model of business. Its goal is to combine blockchain technology and progressive gaming mechanisms to encourage players in making assets and taking better care of their minds and bodies.

The game is centered on one-of-a-kind digital critters that are designed to grow and adapt in response to their owner’s real-world decisions. Moreover, each pet’s potential can be developed by sharing personal data and completing tasks, enhancing its stats, and keeping it fit for fights.

Genopets introduces the ‘Move to Get’ concept, which is a development of the Play to Earn paradigm. This model lets users earn rewards for exercising their minds and bodies. Furthermore, the game will eventually incorporate biometric data from a variety of popular data collection devices. These devices include Google Fit, Fitbit, Oura, and others, such as heart rate, sleep, and activity. Lastly, the collected data integrates into the game, allowing players to earn KI simply by being active.

Genopets Earning Potential

Apart from the Move to Earn idea, which rewards $KI tokens, it allows users to maximize their earning potential in three ways:

Trainers can use the game with the aim of evolving and improving their Genopets in order to sell them on the open market and earn money.

Merchants can build, buy and terraform habitats in order to refine and farm rare as well as expensive crystals to sell on the open market.

Landlords can buy habitats & lease them to other players to ensure a consistent supply of resources.

Genopets’ battle system allows participants to asynchronously participate in several bouts. Moreover, it includes a decentralized prediction market where viewers can earn $KI by correctly predicting battle victors. Additionally, battles are turn-based, and success depends largely on how well players perform in a variety of mini-games.

Users will be able to spend their KI on a range of items for their pets, including food, clothing, and accessories. Moreover, Genopet’s customization, move-set, and skill tree match their style and personality.



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