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Gold Fever is an action-adventure game with NFTs and in-game currencies that lets players craft, trade, and fight in exciting battles.

Gold Fever is a survival MMO made by DeFi Mechanics Lab. The game is based on blockchain technology. This free-to-play game is set in a big, dangerous world with thick jungles, tall mountains, and rivers full of gold. Also, players have to make tools for survival and combat, look for valuable resources, and compete for gold with other players. Gold Fever isn’t just your average video game. When players work together and plan together, it makes them feel like a part of a group. The game’s decentralized design gives economic incentives, which leads to fast growth and the ability to add more players. The addition of cryptocurrency gives players a reason to play and support the game, both in terms of how it plays and how it grows as a whole. It gives people who can figure out how to play it well an immersive gaming experience with financial rewards.

Gold Fever Review

The story of Gold Fever takes place in a dangerous wilderness, where the desire for money causes a fight between native “Tribes” and “Adventurers” who are looking for money. In the dangerous jungle, people need to work together to stay alive and get ahead. Tribes work hard to kill Adventurers, get their gold back, and give it as a sacrifice to the gods of their ancestors. Adventurers, on the other hand, have to protect themselves from their gold-hungry peers. Also, the game puts players in a scary and tense environment. The forest hides unspeakable horrors and shows violent scenes that hit you right in the gut. Gold Fever will take you on a thrilling and moody journey through its world.


In Gold Fever, greedy adventurers and native tribes trying to get their gold back fight each other in the wild wilderness. Tribes try to make their gods happy by killing adventurers and giving treasures that were stolen back to sacred rivers. At the same time, rival adventurers try to get rich by stealing from their friends. The world of the game is tense and scary, with horrors hiding in the forests and open spaces. In this world, mining claims are fought over fiercely because they have so many resources.


In Gold Fever, you can use JULs for arenas and purchases, NGL for mining claims and trades, and Julius’ Brain for running the game. Also, these currencies give players access, the ability to do business, and the right to vote, which improves their game experience and lets them take part in the game’s ecosystem.

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Best Game Review – Gold Fever

Gold Fever unfolds in the treacherous wilderness, where the allure of wealth ignites a conflict between the native “Tribes” and the opportunistic “Adventurers” seeking riches. Survival and prosperity hinge on forging alliances amidst the perilous jungle. Tribals strive to eliminate Adventurers, reclaim their gold, and offer it as a tribute to their ancestral deities. Meanwhile, Adventurers must fend off attacks from their gold-hungry peers. Moreover, the game immerses players in a tense and foreboding atmosphere, with the forest concealing untold horrors and showcasing visceral displays of violence. Prepare for a gripping and atmospheric experience in the world of Gold Fever.

Gold Fever

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