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Illuvium Zero is a city-building game that can be played on multiple platforms. Players can build and expand their land, collect resources, and unlock blueprints.

Illuvium Zero is a trading card game on the WEB3 that is part of the Illuvium metaverse. The game’s players build industries, gather fuel, and collect biodata. In Illuvium Zero, players have to keep track of Elements and Fuel, which are both very important. The goal is to get as many Elements as possible as quickly as possible so that you can use them to power extraction machines and make Fuel. Each piece of land has different resources that can be taken from it. The tiers range from 1 to 5. Tier 5 plots are the hardest to find and worth the most.

Carbon, hydrogen, and silicon are the most important elements to collect because you need them to do things in the game. Illuvium Zero is fun because it has blueprints, which are valuable research items that can be turned into NFTs like skins for weapons, armor, and other items in the game. Also, the game offers a full gaming experience with resource management, building, and the possibility of getting valuable NFT rewards by finding blueprints.

Illuvium Zero Review

Illuvium Zero is a base-building strategy game that puts a lot of emphasis on getting resources and making blueprints. Fuel, resources, or blueprints can be used to make NFT skins. Also, since there are different kinds of Elements and Fuel, players must manage their plots strategically, learn about Illuvials, and make choices about where to put buildings and how to use their resources. The game is free to play, but it puts a lot of emphasis on owning land to get tokens and NFTs. In this fun and rewarding game, decisions about micromanagement and strategy have a big effect on how the game goes.


The game’s economy is based on Illuvium ($ILV) coins, which players can use to buy or rent plots, pay development fees, and trade.

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Best Game Review – Illuvium Zero

It is a strategic base-building game that focuses on resource extraction and blueprint creation. Players can choose to produce Fuel, resources, or blueprints used for NFT skins. Moreover, with different types of Elements and Fuel, players must strategically manage their plots, research Illuvials, and make decisions regarding building placement and resource allocation. The game offers a free-to-play option but emphasizes the importance of land ownership for extracting tokens and NFTs. Micro-managing and strategic choices significantly impact gameplay outcomes in this engaging and rewarding experience.

Illuvium Zero

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