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Metasoccer is among the first blockchain-integrated football metaverses, allowing you to start your own club and earn money while playing.

Furthermore, this soccer ecosystem allows people to fully participate as team owners, managers, or both while having fun and making money. NFTs, ecosystem transaction fees, betting, and token swaps are all sources of revenue in Metasoccer.

As an Owner, you’ll be able to start your own Club and manage personnel hiring and management, player discovery, player signings, sales, and earn money. Your primary objective will be to provide the Club with the best available talent in order to move it to the next level.

In Metasoccer blockchain, you will be in charge of administering the sports department as a Manager. Your job will be to maximize players’ potential through good training, design the best strategy for each match, and keep them in the best possible physical and mental state possible. You will be in charge of the Club’s sporting accomplishments.

Just like in actual soccer management, you may send a Youth Scout out to find talented young players to join your team. As soon as a player completes activities the new players appear in the squad immediately. However, their information will take at least 5 days to appear. Moreover, you’ll be able to reveal the identities of your new players once the search is finished. The scout’s exploration costs you a certain number of $MSU.

Before each match, as the Manager, you must decide on the starting lineup and match strategy. You will have real-time information on the important statistics of your players and the match you are playing. Changes to tactics and player substitutions are also possible (up to 5), giving it a more realistic feel.

MetaSoccer Friendly game mode (PvE)

As a Manager, you can play as many friendly matches as you choose, but your players’ condition will deteriorate after each match, so rotate players and utilize them properly, to prevent injury risks.

Players will gain Skills after each game, but they will lose Condition. Morale depends on the winning or losing ratio. Player attribute changes will have less impact than official career mode (PvP) matches.

You will receive Token compensation if the match is successful, but it will be less than in career mode (PvP).

Career Mode (PvP)

As a Manager in Metasoccer, you will play in the Continental League’s lower tier, which your Club has chosen. Europe, America, Asia, and Africa will be the four continental leagues offered, each having various divisions.

Each level will be made up of 14 teams, each overseen by a different manager. The season will run 26 days, and you will compete against another squad in the league on a daily basis. Moreover, the match winner will receive 3 points and a Token compensation; in the event of a tie, you will both receive 1 point and the prize will be split equally; if you lose, you will not receive any points or Token compensation.

The top finishers will earn Tokens reward and will be promoted to a higher division at the end of the season. Those with the lowest positions will be relegated to a lower division if a lower one exists.


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Best Game Review – MetaSoccer

Metasoccer is among the first blockchain-integrated football metaverses, allowing you to start your own club and earn money while playing.

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