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Mist is a blockchain-based action role-playing game (RPG) with dynamic combat and immersive open-world settings. Collect NFTs, fight epic monsters, and get lost in an MMO experience that can’t be beat.

Mist is a unique Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) with a truly unique and dynamic way of fighting that makes it stand out in the vast world of MMOs. With the Mist Gameverse Framework, players are immersed in a huge, open-world MMORPG where they can go on any kind of adventure they want. The game gives you a lot of choices, like two factions, eight character races, and nine character classes, so you can make your own path. Mist stands out because it lets you own NFT land and items, which changes the way people think about play-to-earn.

Mist Review

By embracing the potential of blockchain technology, Mist empowers players to truly own their virtual assets and reshape the gaming landscape.


Mist Metaverse is an open-world role-playing game that takes place in the world of Dunia. In the lands, you can find the ancient Goldwood forest and the busy city of Iluna. Both of these places are shrouded in mystery and seen as the birthplace of Dunia’s people. In this immersive game, two major groups stand out: The Broken Order, which is similar to the respected Alliance in World of Warcraft, and The Clan, which is similar to the powerful Horde. When bad creatures get into Dunia, these groups will be at a very bad turning point. Mist Metaverse has a complicated plot, and players can choose from eight different races and nine different character classes. Also waiting for them are demons, humans, dwarfs, animal kin, Orcs, and Elves, each with their own unique skills and benefits.


In Mist Metaverse, players can buy resources, fight monsters, win PvP battles, and take part in world battlegrounds to earn money and in-game tokens. The game lets you earn passive income through NFT passive-ownership rewards and activities like land mining, lumber mills, fishing, and farms. The native token is $MIST, and it works with Binance Smart Chain in every way. In the game’s Pre-Alpha phase, there is also a time for testing the way you earn money.

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Best Game Review – Mist

Set in the realm of Dunia, Mist Metaverse unveils an expansive open-world role-playing game. By embracing the potential of blockchain technology, Mist empowers players to truly own their virtual assets and reshape the gaming landscape. With an intricate narrative, Mist Metaverse offers players the freedom to select from eight races and nine character classes. Additionally, demons, humans, dwarfs, animal kin, Orcs, and Elfs await their choice, each race boasting its own distinct abilities and advantages. Once united in harmony, these factions face a grim turning point when malevolent creatures infiltrate Dunia.


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