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Moon Robots is a fun P2E game that will be released on the Harmony One blockchain. It has elements of strategy and RPG games.

Moon Robots is releasing an exciting Strategy/RPG P2E game that is powered by NFTs and DeFi. The game will be released on the Harmony blockchain, which is fast and safe. The chosen network gives players a smooth and trustworthy way to play games. Harmony’s strong GameFi/P2E ecosystem gives the game the best chance to do well. Robot Hero NFTs, Moon Land NFTs, Item NFTs, and the $OIL token are all important parts of the game.

Moon Robots Review

Moon Robots stands out because it is fully backed by the blockchain. This means that it doesn’t need servers or clients to process and store player data. A web-based client makes it better for both desktop and mobile users to play games. In order to get the $OIL token and Valuable Items, players must use their Robots and Land. They can be changed for other currencies on the Harmony blockchain. A LP staking model is used to give out the tokens. Also, it guarantees both the initial distribution of tokens during the Token Distribution Phase and the long-term liquidity of tokens during the Post-Emission Phase, which happens after all $OIL tokens have been issued.


In the year 2100, the second-to-last human dies in an accident while wearing a mask, which is sad for Earth. The last human dies the same way as the others: he or she is drowned by rising sea levels. The Robots take the chance to leave because they hear that there is valuable $OIL on the Moon. They work together to make a spaceship and change into Genesis Robots so they can get it. All 10,000 of the remaining Robots went to Earth’s natural satellite in Eggs that would keep them alive.


Quests in Moon Robots let players send their Robots on missions and earn valuable $OIL and other resources. Robots need $OIL to finish quests, because it costs money to make money. The success of a Robot Hero’s quest depends on their Skills, Stats, and other things. If they don’t fix their Stamina, they could get hurt or lose it. Oil Rigs can be given to robots to help them harvest $OIL, increase their Liquidity Mining APY, and get rewards. When people go scavenging on the Moon, they find things that people have left behind. The items they find depend on how rare they are and what they are made of. By choosing which Genesis Robots to breed, you can make robots with better stats and skills.

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Best Game Review – Moon Robots

Moon Robots stands out by being fully blockchain-authoritative, eliminating the need for servers or clients to process and store player data. A web-based client optimizes the gameplay experience for desktop and mobile users. Players engage with their Robots and Land to earn the $OIL token and Valuable Items. They are exchangeable for other currencies on the Harmony blockchain. The token’s distribution follows an LP staking model. Moreover, it ensures both initial distribution during the Token Distribution Phase and sustainable token liquidity in the future during the Post-Emission Phase, after the emission of all $OIL tokens.

Moon Robots

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