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Nine Chronicles is a fully decentralized, open-source massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMOPRG) that lets people live in a fascinating fantasy world. This game, which is hosted on the Libplanet blockchain, has been making a lot of noise in recent times because of how much it focuses on decentralization. P2E and blockchain gamers are excited about this, calling it the gold standard for decentralization in gaming.

So, what is Nine Chronicles exactly, and why is it so special? Let’s look more closely.

Nine Chronicles Review

At its core, Nine Chronicles is a decentralized magical world that is supported by big names like Planetarium and Ubisoft. In this world, players can go through the Campaign, which has 250 different stages that are spread across different areas. Along the way, they will face fierce enemies in fights that keep getting harder and more dangerous.

Players must come up with plans and methods to win each stage of the Campaign. By doing so, they earn valuable materials that can be used to make items that make their characters stronger. There are also competitive games where players can win Nine Chronicles Gold, the game’s currency.

It’s pretty easy to get started with Nine Chronicles. After starting the game and making an account, players will receive a secret key. You should keep this secret key safe and never give it to anyone else. Next, they will be asked to enter an activation code, which they can get from official sources like Discord or the onboarding portal.

Once inside the game, players can make up to three different characters that they can change however they want. Players can make their experience their own by picking their character’s hair, eyes, ears, and even tail. They can also give their character a unique nickname.

Players need to know about the traits of each character in order to win fights with them. Hit points (HP), attack power (ATK), defense power (DEF), critical attacks (CRI), and speed (SPD) are some of these qualities. HP stands for the character’s hit points, and players lose the fight if they run out of hit points. The character’s attack power, or ATK, shows how much damage they can do to the enemy. The character’s defense power, or DEF, shows how well they can protect themselves from the enemy in a fight. CRI shows how often they can hit the enemy with a critical hit, and SPD shows how fast their character is, which can be helpful in battle.

In the Nine Chronicles space, the main way to level up is to make things. By getting things, characters can get stronger and take on more difficult Campaign stages. Every thing in the Nine Chronicles space is an NFT that a player owns. These items can be traded, improved, and sold for money. There are four types of things: equipment items, consumable items, material items, and costumes and titles.

The Campaign is the main way to play Nine Chronicles. It has 250 stages with different levels of difficulty that let players experience the different worlds in the game. During the process, players can win materials that they can use to make things that make their characters stronger. The Arena is another place where players can fight each other (PvP). In the Arena, players can fight each other and try to get to the top of the rankings. Players also get materials they can use to make things and move forward in campaigns.

Nine Chronicles is a fantasy crypto MMORPG set in a large fantasy realm driven by breakthrough blockchain technology that allows users to play how they wish in a unique moddable, open-source adventure.

To begin playing Nine Chronicles

  1. Go to and add your email address.
  2. You’ll be able to receive an invitation code. The installer is immediately downloaded.
  3. Launch the game and use this invitation code to activate your account after it has been created.

So, conquer difficult dungeons to collect rare resources for trade; specialize in creating the best equipment; or establish legislation with the help of other players to let you live in this realm as you wish to.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of roles is something that helps players immerse themselves in the game completely. Besides, with the use of these unique roles, each player has a part to play and proper alliance and strategy can help you gain more rewards and gain better equipment.

Fight against evil in Nine Chronicles

The world tree Yggdrasil’s twisted, evil, and corrupted offspring is wreaking havoc across all worlds. So, you must decide how you will stop the turmoil from spreading across the land. Use all of your resources to defeat the evil that is wreaking havoc on the land.

A universe that never ends in the hands of its players

Perpetual Planet: Govern this virtual world together in a game that will never be shut down because the data and logic are stored on a blockchain network. Moreover, rather than the firm, the gamers will run the world together with no forced updates or modifications without community agreement.

Infinite moddability: Nine Chronicles is one of the first massively online games to completely enable mods and provide players with open-source tools to use them. This makes it a unique game and you may come across some weird stuff.

Adventurers are players in Nine Chronicles who take part in campaigns and arena fights to earn rewards. There are, however, other ways to play the game.

For example, miners are very important to making the world more open by what they do. Merchants make sure that there is a balance between the supply and demand of rare things and materials, and politicians change the realms and their stories by making and passing laws.

These extra jobs show how the game is completely decentralized and how players can work together to build the world and change the rules. The game is made so that people can play, mine, and run things together.

Check out the movie below if you want to see how fun Nine Chronicles is to play.


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Best Game Review – Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a crypto MMORPG world of fantasy and wonder that allows you to play as a warrior, explorer or even a governor.

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