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As an adventurer in Oath of Peak, you can explore beautifully made 3D lands where you can make friends with pets, monsters, and other adventurers.

The MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) of Oath of Peak takes players into a mythical and legendary world. Play the part of a person who likes to try new things and explore carefully made 3D landscapes. Making deals with other explorers and making friends with pets, monsters, and other people who share your adventurous spirit. This long-awaited game is all about being easy to play. It can be played on both mobile devices and PCs, so a wide range of people can enjoy it. Blockchain technology is what makes Oath of Peak stand out. It changes how the players work together and makes the game more fun. Players can also use $PKTK and $OOP tokens, as well as NFT items and beasts, to get rewards.

Oath of Peak Review

The Goddess made the Earth into a lush paradise full of resources, where people, elves, spirit beasts, and other beings could live and thrive. But when the Goddess left, the Evil Spirits became envious and turned this utopia into a place where people fought each other. On the other hand, a hero with a powerful sword showed up, brought people of different races together, and led a brave fight against the evil invaders. After making deals with humans and spirit beasts, the Elves changed into Spirit Benders and were able to stop the Evil Spirits. People enter the Earth Realm in the present day. After the war, the realm came back to life as a new generation of Spirit Benders. Also, players use their Spirit Bender powers and the mysterious stories told by the mysterious human to go on a heroic journey through the Omnispirit Realm, reliving past victories and making their own legends.


In the world of Oath of Peak, players can go it alone or join a guild. As they explore carefully made 3D landscapes, they can make friends with pets, monsters, and other adventurers. Collaboration has its benefits, but going it alone has its own problems. Collecting and breeding Spirit Beasts gives you unique battle companions with abilities that can change the game, while owning property on Mount Huanming and going fishing can help you relax. There are a few mini-games in the game, as well as an open market where you can trade items and an NFT marketplace where you might be able to make money in the real world. In this epic MMORPG, players can choose from different classes like Alkaid, Megrez, Dubhe, Merak, and Phecda to find their favorite way to fight.


In Oath of Peak, $SHELLS are the main form of currency, and there are many ways to get them. Players can trade items, like gear and Spirit Beasts, on the open market and in the NFT marketplace. The game also includes the $OOP governance token, which lets players vote on plans for development.

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Best Game Review – Oath of Peak

In the realm of creation, the Goddess shaped the Earth as a lush paradise brimming with abundant resources, where Humans, Elves, Spirit Beasts, and other beings flourished. Yet, the envy of the Evil Spirits turned this utopia into a chaotic battleground once the Goddess departed. However, a hero wielding a mighty sword emerged, uniting races and leading a valiant resistance against the malevolent invaders. The Elves, forming alliances with Humans and Spirit Beasts, evolved into Spirit Benders, ultimately triumphing over the Evil Spirit onslaught. Now, in the present age, players step into the Earth Realm. A realm reborn after the conflict, as the new generation of Spirit Benders. Moreover, guided by the mysterious tales recounted by an enigmatic human, players harness their Spirit Bender powers to embark on a heroic odyssey through the Omnispirit Realm, reliving past glories and forging their own legend.

Oath of Peak

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