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Pegaxy is a horse racing game where you race against other people. The game is based on Pegasus, the mythical horse with wings from Greek mythology. The game lets players race horses, breed them, and rent out horses. There are 12 horses in each race, and the top three get a reward token called VIS. The Polygon/MATIC layer 2 blockchain is what Pegaxy is built on, and it uses a dual-token system.

The most important token is Vigorus (VIS), which is mostly used for breeding. But it can also be traded on a number of exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or tokens.

The second token is the governance token, which is called Pegaxy Stone (PGX). Its value has changed a lot in recent months. So, not every player might be able to pay for it. Players use PGX to rent other players’ Pega NFTs, which they can then use for racing or staking to earn liquidity rewards.

Pegaxy Review

Pegaxy horse racing uses a random number generator (random number generator). This will eventually be upgraded to a more visually pleasing 3D version with more skill and strategy components, once the 2nd phase is implemented. Moreover, horse breeding will become even more essential in terms of improving a horse’s characteristics through rarer bloodlines.

When deciding on how to start playing Pegaxy, there are numerous options:

  1. To race, purchase an NFT horse (outlay cost to buy the NFT)
  2. Rent a horse for racing (a lower initial investment to race someone else’s horse for a set length of time)
  3. Race as a Scholar (accept to race someone else’s horse for a percentage profit)
  4. Horses are bred to produce progeny, which are then raced.
  5. Horses are bred to produce progeny, which are then sold on the open market.
  6. Earn racing revenue by owning a stadium (coming in Q2 2022)

Gameplay and Earning in Pegaxy

Twelve horses will battle it out with each other in each race, with the top three horses collecting prizes in the game as reward token VIS. Currently, all race positions are determined by RNG (Random Number Generator), but with version 2, this will change to take into account factors such as changing environment/stadium conditions, which are linked to each horse’s attributes, the food fed to a horse, and the clothing gear apparel worn by your horse.

The team is now working on a manually player-controlled model for horse racing, which would bring more skill to the race. Once this concept is adopted, finding a Skilled Scholar who can employ the best techniques while managing your horse’s food and deciding which wearables to use for a specific race will become increasingly crucial.

In the Pegaxy ecosystem, there are several ways to make money. Because of the various ways, a bigger group of people can be targeted. In the VIS currency, a daily payout can be earned by racing a horse as a player or by sharing in the winnings as an owner partnered with a Scholar. If you wish to become a breeder, you can devise a breeding strategy. You can either sell your NFT horses for USDT or PGX or race your bred horses for VIS to earn this.

Pegaxy isn’t just any horse racing game. Instead, it’s a game where players compete to finish in the top three spots in races to win Vis utility tokens and Vigorus governance tokens. The game uses two tokens. The PGX (Pegaxy Stone) token is the rental token, which lets players rent or sell their horses on the platform. The way the game is played is meant to encourage players to use the rental system and breed horses, which will help them make their horses run faster on the track.

Players can also get Vis tokens by using their horses to explore and interact with the game’s virtual world in the Pegaxy metaverse. The Play to Earn model of the game lets players earn real rewards by playing it. This has attracted a growing community of players, such as Corey Wilton, Ken Pham, and Steve Nguyen, who are all involved in making the game better.

Players like Pegaxy because it has some unique features, such as a dual-token system, a rental system, and a “Play to Earn” model. As the game develops and enters its second phase, players can look forward to a more exciting game with a 3D version and more complex skill and strategy elements. With its unique take on horse racing games, Pegaxy Pegasus Galaxy is quickly becoming one of the most popular NFT games.


Game Info:

FAQ: Pegaxy – Gameplay, Tokens, and More

Q1: What is Pegaxy, and who developed it?

Pegaxy is a unique NFT game centered around horse racing, developed on the Polygon/MATIC blockchain. It offers players the chance to own, breed, and race NFT horses in the mythical world of Pegasus. The game is created by an independent development team.

Q2: How does horse racing work in Pegaxy?

In Pegaxy, players can participate in horse races by owning NFT horses. Each race involves 12 horses, and the goal is to finish in the top three positions to earn rewards in the form of VIS tokens. Currently, race outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), but the game will evolve to include factors such as horse attributes, environment conditions, food, and apparel in the second phase.

Q3: What are the main tokens in Pegaxy, and how are they used?

The primary token in Pegaxy is Vigorus (VIS), used mainly for breeding NFT horses. It can also be traded on various exchanges. The governance token, Pegaxy Stone (PGX), is used for renting NFT horses and staking. PGX’s value may vary over time, affecting gameplay.

Q4: Can players earn in Pegaxy, and how?

Players have multiple ways to earn in Pegaxy. They can earn daily payouts by racing their horses or sharing winnings as horse owners partnered with Scholars. Breeding strategies can also generate revenue, with players selling NFT horses for USDT or PGX. Racing bred horses can yield VIS tokens, and stadium ownership offers additional revenue (coming in Q2 2022).

Q5: What sets Pegaxy apart from other NFT games?

Pegaxy distinguishes itself with its dual-token system, a rental mechanism for NFT horses, and a “Play-to-Earn” model. The game’s upcoming second phase promises to introduce a more visually appealing 3D version with added skill and strategy elements, making it a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Q6: Who are some notable community members involved in Pegaxy?

Players like Corey Wilton, Ken Pham, and Steve Nguyen are actively engaged in Pegaxy’s community, contributing to the game’s development and improvement. Their presence highlights the game’s growing popularity and active player base.

Q7: Where can I play Pegaxy, and what are the system requirements?

Pegaxy is accessible on the Polygon/MATIC blockchain. To play, you’ll need a compatible browser or application that supports blockchain gaming. Ensure you have a Polygon wallet and a stable internet connection for a smooth gaming experience.


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Best Game Review – Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a play-to-earn-style horse racing game where players compete for top placement to earn rewards in the form of VIS tokens, the utility token of Vis Vigorus. The game mechanics allow players to earn rewards based on their top 3 placement in races. Pegaxy has an engaging and addictive idle gameplay where players can grow and train their horses, as well as participate in various game modes to enhance their racing experience. With a growing market cap and community support, Pegaxy is quickly becoming one of the most popular racing games where players can earn rewards while enjoying the thrill of the game.

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