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Planet IX is a Polygon NFT strategy game where you can use IXT tokens and other unique digital assets to play to earn money.

Planet IX is a unique online cryptocurrency game based on the idea of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These one-of-a-kind digital assets are useful tools in the game that give players a lot of ways to move forward. To move forward in the game, players can burn or breed NFTs to unlock deeper levels. Planet IX is different from most games because it doesn’t have a linear storyline. Instead, it has an ecosystem that changes over time and lets players go on many different kinds of journeys. It connects the virtual world to the real world and lets players claim, buy, and sell environments. The game encourages creativity and strategic thinking by letting each player create their own worlds to explore and master.

Planet IX Review

In the year 2089, the effects of climate change are so bad that Earth is no longer livable. This has led to chaos and war among people. In the middle of all this chaos, Ame Valdis leads a radical group called the Agents of Change (A.O.C.). They want to tear society apart and start over. They think that the only way to start over is to get rid of all history, art, and digital records of people. A.M.E., an AI from the future, goes on a trip through time and space after destroying their plan and leaving Earth. In the year 2539, A.M.E. finds a good planet, which brings the Agents back to their original home. After having their memories wiped, the Agents went on a mission to fix up “Planet IX” and make it habitable again. They had no idea that they were connected to Earth in the past. They need to gather resources and clear the land so that they can build and change the planet in the future.

Gameplay: PIX lands, also known as NFT lands, are the focus of Planet IX’s strategy-based gameplay. With 1.6 billion PIX, players hope to collect and link these lands to bring life back to the planet Earth. PIX lands range from deserts to capital cities in terms of how rare they are and how they are classified. When players invest in NFT lands or take part in missions through Mission Control, they get in-game rewards and IXT tokens that they can use to buy land in the future. They can attack other players to take their Waste, which can be turned into consumable NFTs by processing or burning it, or it can be used to build places that make Energy. Energy can be traded for IXT tokens or rewards from Planet IX. With the Mission Control menu, players can claim land, clean up the world, and make money while building facilities.


IXT is the game’s main governance and utility token, and players can get it by staking PIX lands, trading, or getting in-game resources. It can then be used at the Planet IX Marketplace to buy PIX lands.

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Best Game Review – Planet IX

Planet IX is an innovative online crypto game that revolves around the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These unique digital assets serve as valuable in-game utilities, offering players various opportunities for progression. Through burning or breeding NFTs, players can unlock further depths and advance in the game. Unlike traditional games with linear narratives, Planet IX offers an evolving ecosystem of multi-layered player journeys. It acts as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, allowing players to claim, purchase, and sell environments. The game promotes creativity and strategic thinking by offering customizable environments for individual players to explore and master.

Planet IX

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