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Rooniverse is a multiplayer mobile game that shows a magical metaverse full of cute and scary creatures called Roos. You can play to earn money with these cute tribal fighters.

Welcome to the exciting world of Rooniverse, where Roos from different tribes fight for honor. This hyper-royal mobile game takes place in a whimsical world full of bloodthirsty pet Roos. Sending your Roos into epic battles to save their lives will test your strategic skills. Explore the multiplayer mode, gather resources from enchanted lands, and work with friends to move up the ranks. You can win if you make your own maps and empire.

Rooniverse Review

Rooniverse is more than just a game; it’s a world full of cute Roos where you can play games to earn money. Join the player-owned economy and watch as the Roohalla battlegrounds wait for their warriors. XP Foundry has now moved Rooniverse from Solana to ImmutableX. This makes Web3 games on the Ethereum blockchain even more popular.

XP Foundry is proud of its team of skilled engineers and artists who have worked on games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Game of Thrones, Batman, Call of Duty, and The Elder Scrolls. James Finley is the co-CEO and game director. He has been making games for more than 15 years and was the director of technology at Unity Studios. Executive producer James Chung adds to the studio’s knowledge because he was an art director at Electronic Arts and worked on the first Call of Duty team. With so many skilled professionals, XP Foundry is in a good position to make top-notch games.


Welcome to the fierce battlefields of Roohalla, where brave little warriors called Roos wait to see what will happen to them. Get ready to unleash your Roos and lead them in epic battles for glory and survival. In Rooniverse, you can play action-packed multiplayer games, plan how to get valuable resources from enchanted lands, go on a solo journey to climb the ranks, or team up with friends for cooperative adventures. But that’s not all. Get ready to show off your skills as you make interesting maps and build your own empire! In Roos’s exciting world, where there are endless chances to do great things, the options are endless. Let’s start fighting!

Tokenomics: Rooniverse started out as a bootstrap project until Origin Roos came out. Then, they made 4,444 on-chain collectible characters and sold them to raise $1.2 million to start making the game. After that, in 2022, the XP Foundry team was able to raise another $1.5 million for the project.

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Best Game Review – Rooniverse

Rooniverse is not just a game; it’s a play-to-earn gaming metaverse, with lovable Roos as your fierce companions. Join the community-driven player-owned economy, and witness the evolution as the battlegrounds of Roohalla await their warriors.  XP Foundry has now migrated Rooniverse from Solana to ImmutableX, making it part of the growing traction of Web3 games on the Ethereum blockchain.

XP Foundry prides itself on a team of skilled engineers and artists who have extensive experience working on renowned games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Game of Thrones, Batman, Call of Duty, and The Elder Scrolls. James Finley, the co-CEO and game director, brings more than 15 years of game direction experience, having previously held the position of director of technology at Unity Studios. The executive producer, James Chung, also adds to the studio’s expertise with his background as a former art director at Electronic Arts and his involvement in the original Call of Duty team. With such accomplished professionals, XP Foundry is well-positioned to deliver top-tier gaming experiences.


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